The One With Swaggy P Back on the Market

Fun Fact of the Day: Sunday’s Game 7 was the most watched NBA Finals game since the 1998 NBA Finals between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz.  That series marked the last championship for Michael Jordan and coach Phil Jackson as Bulls.

Today's Rundown


Bumps and bruises.  Last night,  L.A. Dodgers pitchers Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Jansen put on a show to beat the Washington Nationals 4-1. It was supposed to be the highly anticipated first time that Kershaw and Stephen Strasburg (Nationals) would meet on the mound. But right before the game Strasburg bowed out with back pain. Unfortunately, this is nothing new. Strasburg has been dealing with aches and pains through his career, only pitching 200+ innings in one season.

Reality bites. Yesterday the Arizona Diamondbacks beat the Philadelphia Phillies 3-1, marking the Phillies’ 7th straight loss.  At the beginning of the season, the Phillies were a delightful surprise thanks to their overachieving pitchers, but now the team has come crashing back down to Earth.  Recently, their young pitchers have shown their true colors and they ain’t pretty. 

Seen and Heard


That winning glow. Unanimous NBA Finals MVP LeBron James revealed that he had extra fire in his belly to win one for Cleveland, because some folks in Miami told him that he was making a huge mistake by moving back to Ohio. “Who?” You ask… LeBron is playing coy and won’t say, but you can bet that these mystery men are eating their words. Meanwhile, the Golden State Warriors are still licking their wounds from their big loss. Old timers Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman aren’t giving them any time to grieve.  They already rubbed it in that their 1995-96 Chicago Bulls is still the best team in NBA history, because they actually brought home a championship after their 72-win season.  Burn, baby, burn.

Relationship status update.  Over the weekend, L.A. Lakers forward Nick Young (aka “Swaggy P”) and rapper Iggy Izalea broke off their engagement. This probably had something to do with that time Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell “pranked” Nick by secretly videotaping him talking about cheating on Iggy. Afterwards, the Lakers said #imwithswaggy and gave D’Angelo the silent treatment for breaking the bro code.  Now, Iggy’s finally realized she probably shouldn’t trust a guy nicknamed “Swaggy.” Meanwhile, Nick’s getting back on the horse, tweeting out just one word to his followers: “Single.” And ready to mingle, no doubt.

Hot Read


Copa America Centenario semifinals!  Tonight, the U.S. takes on Argentina and soccer superstar Lionel Messi.  It will be a tough one for the good ol’ US of A because we will be missing Jermaine Jones (red card), Bobby Wood (accumulated yellow cards), and Alejandro Bedoya (accumulated yellow cards) to suspensions. Tune in tonight at 9pm ET on Fox Sports 1