The One With a Tale of Two QBs

Fun Fact of the Day: The Wonderlic test is a 12-minute logic test given to NFL prospects at the scouting combine.  It’s kind of like the SAT for incoming NFL players. N.Y. Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick scored a 48 out of 50 on the Wonderlic, which is the highest score achieved for a NFL quarterback.

Today's Rundown


Made you blink.  After 5 months of playing an awkward game of contract chicken, the N.Y. Jets finally caved in and gave QB Ryan Fitzpatrick a 1-year deal for $12M. Fitzpatrick had a career season last year, so all summer long he played hard to get. He told sources that he would rather not play football at all than take the original $8M/year that the Jets offered him. I guess that’s a legitimate threat, when you’re a Harvard-educated QB. Meanwhile the Jets didn’t want to pay the big bucks for Fitzpatrick, because he’s never brought a team to the playoffs in his entire 11-year career. Finally, the Jets gave in because their other QB options were looking pretty bleak. They were choosing between Geno Smith who lost the starting job to Fitzpatrick because he got punched in the face by a teammate, Bryce Petty who hasn’t seen a snap, and second round draft pick rookie Christian Hackenberg. Fitzpatrick, it is.

Acting a Fole. The Los Angeles Rams released QB Nick Foles yesterday, at Foles’s request. Back up. Why did he ask to leave?  Foles’s feelings were hurt when the Rams traded up in the NFL Draft to get shiny, new QB Jared Goff. Foles picked up the hint and stopped going to offseason workouts and training sessions. Now, it looks like he’d rather try his hand at free agency than stay with a team that doesn’t really want him. Unfortunately, there is one huge problem with his plan: He played absolutely terribly last year and hasn’t looked good since 2013. There’s a good chance that no team will want him in free agency and he’ll be left looking pretty silly. Maybe he should have learned a lesson from Eagles’ QB Sam Bradford, who tried to pull a similar move this summer but chickened out at the last minute when no one wanted him.

Spotlight on the PGA Championship

The last major of the year starts today at the Baltusrol Golf Club in New Jersey! Here’s what you need to know about the tournament.

The Basics. The PGA Championship is known for players’ spectacular, ultra-low scores. It usually takes place in mid-August, but this year they’ve moved it up a few weeks so it doesn’t interfere with the Olympics, where golf is making its big comeback to the games after a 112-year hiatus.

Who will be there?  All the usual suspects. Jason Day will be trying to defend his PGA Championship crown and he stands a good chance. He is currently ranked as the #1 golfer in the world, though he’ll have to hold off Dustin Johnson, who is right at his heels. Who else should I watch out for?  Big stars Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth are always favorites, even though they haven’t had the best year-to-date. And how could you forget Phil “Lefty” Mickelson? He had a fantastic showing at the British Open that would have been good enough to win any other year, but Henrik Stenson managed to pull record-breaking golf out of his hat.

Soak it up now.  You won’t see Day, Johnson, McIlroy, or Spieth at the Olympics next month.  All of them withdrew from the games citing Zika concerns, but McIlroy admitted that he thinks golf just doesn’t “matter” at the Olympics.

Where’s the Beef?  Keep your eyes peeled for Andrew “Beef” Johnston--but really how could you miss him? Beef has been a fan favorite ever since he won his first European Tour event earlier this year. After the win, he gave an excited interview where he said he couldn’t wait to get home to get “hammered.” And an internet sensation was born! What’s with the nickname?  He’s been called “Beef Head” or “Beef” since he was little because his curly hair looked like a beef patty on his head. But don’t worry, he also loves to eat beef.  He recently went on a burger tour of NYC and even got an endorsement deal with Arby’s. 

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PGA Championship.  Round 1 of the last major of the year starts today at the Baltusrol course in New Jersey! 1-7pm ET on TNT