The One Where We Learn All of Tiger’s Secrets

Fun Fact of the Day:  Last night Cubs ace Jake Arrieta pitched his 2nd career no-hitter to help defeat the Cincinnati Reds (16-0).  He is the 1st Cub to record a no-hitter in back-to-back seasonsWay to go, Jake!

Today's Rundown

NBA: Round 1 of the NBA playoffs

One Warrior short.  Last night, the Houston Rockets defeated the Golden State Warriors (97-96), but the Warriors still lead the series 2-1.  Rockets star James Harden scored the game winning shot with just seconds left on the clock.  The big missing piece.  The Rockets’ win took advantage of the fact that Warriors superstar and reigning league MVP Steph Curry sat out the game with an ankle injury.  He’s still healing, but expected to play the next time the teams meet on Sunday.

The 2 other games last night were blowouts with the favorites coming out on top.  Here were the scores:


NHL:  Round 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs

Lightning strikes twice.  Last night, the Tampa Bay Lightning won their series against the Detroit Red Wings!  The Red Wings probably have a bad case of déjà vu, because this is the 2nd straight year the Lightning have eliminated them in the 1st round of the playoffs.  Here are your highlights from the rest of last night’s games:  

  • The Chicago Blackhawks beat the St. Louis Blues (4-3) to avoid being eliminated from the playoffs!  The Blues still lead the series 3-2.  Blackhawks star and the league’s leading scorer Patrick Kane scored the game-winning goal in double overtime.   Let this be a lesson to you… Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw was suspended for the game because he used an anti-gay slur during the Blackhawk’s game 4 loss
  • The Anaheim Ducks beat the Nashville Predators (4-1) to tie up the series 2-2.  The Ducks beat the Predators twice on the road to dig themselves out of their 0-2 start to the series.  
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins beat the N.Y. Rangers (5-0), to take a 3-1 lead in the series.  Penguins star Evgeni Malkin sat out the end of the regular season with an arm injury, but has come back in rare form, scoring 2 goals and 2 assists in last night’s win. 

Seen and Heard


A big fight outside the ring.  Earlier this week, #1 featherweight Conor McGregor had fans freeeaking out, when he tweeted that he had decided to “retire young.”  False alarm.  It turns out that he’s just in a tiff with UFC management.  Less talky, more fighty.  McGregor says he wants to do less promoting and more training.  He blamed his crazy promoting schedule on his unexpected first UFC loss to Nate Diaz in March.  What’s next?  Unclear…  Because he failed to show up to required promotional events in Las Vegas, McGregor was pulled from the highly anticipated rematch against Nate Diaz in July.  But McGregor’s still training and hoping to get back in the ring soon.  



The man behind the clubs.  Yesterday, ESPN published a long feature on the “Secret History” of Tiger Woods.  Secrets, you say?  The article focused on Tiger’s relationship with his late father, who was his earliest golf coach, best friend, and mentor.  Like father, like son.  In his youth, Tiger was upset when his father frequently cheated on his mother.  Of course, later in life, Tiger was famously disgraced by nearly a dozen affairs.  But the article describes Tiger as a lonely, awkward nerd, who had difficulty talking to women, even asking Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter for help with the ladies.  In the Navy…  The article also talks about Tiger’s obsession with the Navy SEALs, including going through various SEALs training courses. For more take-aways, click here.

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Want something to do every night for next several weeks?  We have just the thing!  It’s NBA and NHL playoff season.  Check out the links below for your weekend schedule.


The NBA playoffs continue!  The San Antonio Spurs, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Atlanta Hawks are all leading their series and could advance to the next round with 2 more wins before the end of the weekend!  Check here for the complete schedule of playoff games.



The Stanley Cup Playoffs continue this weekend!  The Washington Capitals, Pittsburgh Penguins, Dallas Stars, St. Louis Blues, and San Jose Sharks are all just one win away from sending their opponents packing in the 1st round of the playoffs.  Check here for the complete schedule of playoff games.  Need to fake a hockey conversation in a hurry?  We’ve got you covered with our Stanley Cup Playoffs Survival Guide


Find out who won big and who’s going home in Monday’s edition!  Have a great weekend, Goalposters!