7 More Years of Basketball

Fun Fact of the Day: For the first time since September 1997, no college football team in the state of Texas is ranked in the AP Poll Top 25.

Today’s Rundown


What will I do in a world without basketball?  Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about another NBA lockout or work stoppage for the next 7 years! Last night, the NBA and the NBA Players Association tentatively agreed to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). That’s the deal that spells out what the NBA and players must do, in order to get along. So far the biggest changes seem to be about increasing player salaries and enhancing the ability of small market teams to keep their best players. Most NBA players were happy and relieved by the news except for Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green, but he didn’t explain why.

Grizzlies fans get screwed.  The Memphis Grizzlies beat the Cleveland Cavaliers last night 93-85. That sounds great for Grizzlies fans, right? Wrong. Before the game, Cavs coach Tyronn Lue announced that the team’s 3 biggest stars LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love wouldn’t play. In fact, Lue let them stay at home in Cleveland to get some R&R. You should feel sorry for the Memphis fans that bought expensive tickets to the Cavs game and didn’t even get to see LeBron. Where did Lue get that idea?  San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich started the mass-rest movement back in 2012. He decided to rest his 3 biggest stars in a 2012 game against the Miami Heat and didn’t announce it to the media before the game. The NBA fined the Spurs a whopping $250,000 for doing a “disservice to the league and [its] fans.”



A second chance?  Just one day after Florida Atlantic hired head Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin as their head coach, the school made the controversial decision of signing QB De’Andre Johnson. Johnson was a promising young QB at Florida State, until he was involved in an assault and was cut from the team. What assault?  He was caught on the bar’s surveillance camera punching a young woman, who allegedly provoked him with racial slurs and by kneeing him in the groin. Afterwards he transferred to East Mississippi Community College, where he frequently spoke out against domestic violence and led their football team to a 11-1 record.

Seen and Heard


Break out the floaties.  Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte announced that he and his former playboy model fiancée, Kayla Rae Reid are expecting their first child. This has been an eventful year for the happy couple. The two started dating in January and got engaged in October. Lochte’s family initially asked him if the engagement was “a little too soon,” but he said he knew she was the one because she stuck with him through tough times earlier this year. *Ahem* i.e., that little international “robbery” from the Rio Olympics.

Hot Read


Los Angeles Rams (4-9) @ Seattle Seahawks (8-4-1). The Rams are coming off a blowout loss to the Atlanta Falcons where they were literally booed out of their own stadium. The next day they fired their coach Jeff Fisher, so now Rams special teams coordinator John Fassel is taking over for the last 3 weeks of the season. The Seahawks are coming off their own devastating loss. Last week against the Green Bay Packers, QB Russell Wilson threw an uncharacteristic 5 interceptions. Fortunately, the Seahawks are still safely in 1st place in the NFC West as the only team with a winning record. 8:30pm ET on NBC