What Did We Do Without College Football?

Fun Fact of the Day:  Seven top 25 ranked college football teams lost this past weekend. That’s the most in opening weekend history.

Today's Rundown


Starting things off with a bang.  This past weekend was hyped as one of the best opening weekend schedules in college football history and it did not disappoint! Here are the biggest games everyone will be talking about around the watercooler:



Bradford over troubled Bridgewater.  Last week, the Minnesota Vikings lost their QB Teddy Bridgewater to a freak knee injury. They really needed a stopgap QB, so they picked up Sam Bradford from the Philadelphia Eagles. Bradford probably shouted with glee all the way to the airport, because he’s been looking for a way out of Philly all summer long. Remind me why?  A couple of months ago, Bradford was feeling insecure and underappreciated when the Eagles traded up to get a new QB, Carson Wentz in the NFL draft. Bradford demanded a trade to another team, but no one was buying what he was selling so he came crawling back. Super awkward. Now, Bradford’s finally got his wish to join a new team, and the Eagles will get to see what Wentz can do on the field.

From Sanchize to Dak-up.  Over the weekend, the Dallas Cowboys signed QB Mark Sanchez, after he was released by the Denver Broncos. Now, He’s going to be playing backup to rookie Dak Prescott, who got the starting gig when old man Tony Romo broke his back last week. This is the latest development in Sanchez’s sad and steady decline. He started off his career strong by leading the NY Jets to 2 consecutive AFC Championship games, but has played poorly in the 5 seasons since.



All she does is win win win, no matter what.  This weekend, Serena Williams won her 4th round match to advance to the US Open quarterfinals. If you’re keeping track, that makes 308 Grand Slam match wins, edging out Roger Federer for the most of any male or female tennis player. But that’s not the milestone she’s got her eye on, Serena’s on a quest for her 23rd Grand Slam major, which would allow her to surpass Steffi Graf for the most in Open Era history. On the men’s side of the net, superstar Rafael Nadal was eliminated in the 4th round.  This is the first year that he hasn’t made a quarterfinals in a major tournament. 

Seen and Heard


Time to hit the books.  ICYMI former QB Johnny Manziel has been living a real-life version of “The Hangover” since he was released by the Cleveland Browns this past spring. He punched someone in the face at a wedding, caused $32,000 of damage to an L.A. rental home, got a giant tattoo on a plane, and rode along in a hit and run car accident. Now, he’s vowed to clean up his act and return to football. Step 1 appears to be re-enrolling at his old college Texas A&M, where he’s majoring in parks, recreation, and tourism sciences. If he can’t find a QB gig after he graduates, maybe he’ll be the next Leslie Knope?



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