The LeBron James v. Charles Barkley Feud Continues

Fun Fact of the Day: Back in the day, most Super Bowl halftime shows were mostly marching bands. Pop acts didn’t debut until 1991 with New Kids on the Block.

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Time for a new security system.  Former N.Y. Knicks head coach Derek Fisher’s house was broken into yesterday. The thieves got away with $300K worth of jewelry, including his 5 championship rings from his time playing with the L.A. Lakers.

Spotlight on the LeBron James v. Charles Barkley Feud

Over the past 24 hours, basketball fans have been taking sides in a new feud between Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James and NBA analyst and basketball great Charles Barkley. Here’s everything you need to know to follow along:

The background. Last week, LeBron complained to the media that the Cavs don’t have enough depth. He said that the Cavs could use another playmaker on the team to make it easier to get through the grueling regular season.

Boohoo, woe is me.  In response, Charles basically called Bron-Bron a whiny baby. He pointed out that the Cavs have the highest payroll of any team in NBA history and that the team’s front office has already bent over backwards to give him everything he’s asked for, including signing big extensions with teammates J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson.

LeBron blows up.  LeBron said he had enough of Charles disrespecting his legacy. He went off on an epic rant where he listed a bunch of Barkley’s flaws from his playing days, including when he spit on a little kid and had tons of unpaid gambling debts. LeBron probably had a lot of pent up rage because Charles has often been critical of him. Charles has even said that LeBron would never be one of the top 5 players of all time, which is pretty ludicrous.

The aftermath. Dwyane Wade took his BFF LeBron’s side and said it was about time someone called out Charles. After all, Charles has been dishing out insults all over the league for a long, long time. Meanwhile, a lot of sports analysts are on Charles’s side and said that LeBron got too personal with his digs. For his part, Charles is sticking by his statements and jokingly said he was impressed LeBron Googled him.

Charles wasn’t exactly wrong. When LeBron asks, he shall receive. The Cavs are already working out free agent point guards to meet LeBron's demand for another playmaker.

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