The One with the Broncos’ QB Conundrum

Fun Fact of the Day:  Ryan Lochte’s estimated net worth is $6.2M, largely coming from endorsements.

Today's Rundown


In the deep end. After “over-exaggerating” about a late night partying in Rio, Ryan Lochte is suffering from a massive hangover. All 4 of his endorsement deals, including those with Speedo and Ralph Lauren were terminated or failed to renew their contracts. The advertisers aren’t crying themselves to sleep about losing Lochte as a spokesperson. At 32 years old, his advertising potential was fading fast, and he won only 1 gold medal for the 4x200m freestyle relay in Rio.



Can’t we all just get along? Oakland A’s 3B Danny Valencia feels Lochte’s pain; he got into a fight over an endorsement deal this past weekend. According to sources, an equipment rep was visiting Valencia, when teammate DH Billy Butler butted into the conversation. Butler squealed on Valencia, saying that he doesn’t wear the company’s spikes and the rep should probably terminate his contract. Valencia punched Butler in the head and gave him a concussion. Unfortunately, with the A’s sitting near the bottom of their division, there’s plenty of negative juju to go around in the clubhouse.

El-bowing out.  Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg was added to the disabled list because of elbow pain. Nats fans are groaning because earlier this season the team signed Strasburg to a monster 7-year, $175M contract extension. Strasburg has struggled with injuries throughout his career, including missing nearly all of the 2011 season to Tommy John surgery. Fortunately, the Nats don’t need him to make the playoffs. They are sitting pretty at the top of the NL East, 8 games ahead of the Miami Marlins. 

Spotlight on the Denver Broncos QBs

The NFL season starts in just over 2 weeks and the Denver Broncos have no idea who their starting quarterback will be. That’s because they lost Peyton Manning to retirement and promising backup Brock Osweiler to the Houston Texans.  Now they have 3 options left, and none of them looks very appetizing…

Option #1:  Mark Sanchez.  He’s the Broncos’ only QB option that has significant NFL experience. He started off his career strong by leading the NY Jets to 2 consecutive AFC Championship games, but he’s played poorly in the 5 seasons since. During last week’s preseason game, he was sacked 3 times and fumbled the ball twice.

Option #2:  The Broncos’ former 3rd string QB Trevor Siemian. He has played in only 1 NFL game and in it, he took a knee for a 1-yard loss. During last week’s preseason game, he led the team’s game-opening drive for a touchdown, but he also threw a pick-six (psst—that’s an interception that’s returned by the other team for a touchdown).

Option #3:  Rookie Paxton Lynch. Despite throwing an interception in last week’s game, he’s looked the best of the three options so far this preseason. But as a newbie, it’s extremely unlikely that he’ll get the starting gig.

Who’s in the lead?  Right now, the Broncos are leaning towards Siemian. He will start their 3rd preseason game this week. Even though these QB options are pretty dismal, the Broncos probably aren’t too worried.  After all, they won the Super Bowl last year with Peyton Manning’s aging noodle arm.


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Turn your side hustle into your full time gig. Retired superstar basketball player Kobe Bryant revealed that he and a partner have quietly built a $100 million venture capital firm, over the past few years. NBD. They already have a pretty impressive portfolio that includes sports media company The Player's Tribune and Chinese online retailer Alibaba.