Do the Vikings Stand a Chance?

Fun Fact of the Day: NY Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez was recalled up to the majors last month. He’s already hit 19 home runs—the most ever in a player’s first 45 career games.

Today’s Rundown


A gnarly knee.  The Minnesota Vikings could be in serious trouble. Their best player, running back Adrian Peterson tore his meniscus during last week’s game and he’s expected to be out for the next 3-4 months. Now, the Vikings have to go back to the drawing board, because Peterson was their entire offensive game plan, especially after their starting QB Teddy Bridgewater was injured during the preseason. They will have to put their hopes and dreams in recently acquired QB Sam Bradford. He had a surprisingly strong debut last week. But can he keep it up?

Only the best.  This weekend you can expect Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman to guard the N.Y. Giants’ best wide receiver and one-handed catch extraordinaire Odell Beckham Jr.  Norman is the self-proclaimed “best cornerback on Earth,” so you can imagine all the flak he got when for the past 2 weeks, he didn’t even guard the best wide receiver on the opposing team. That’s because Norman’s specialty is covering the left side of the field. But this weekend, he’s going to break outside his comfort zone and try to follow Beckham wherever he goes. And it could get testy. The last time these two met, Beckham got super frustrated by Norman’s defense and was flagged 3 times for unnecessary roughness. (Psst—for the basics on man-to-man v. zone defense, check out our glossary!)

Seen and Heard


The NFL meets Maury.  Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon’s personal life just got a little messier. He reportedly has a warrant out for his arrest because he repeatedly failed to show up for a paternity test. Not a promising start to his NFL comeback. Gordon used to be one of the best receivers in the game, but he was suspended all of last year and the first 4 games of this season, because he tested positive for marijuana over and over again.



Retirement age?  Rumor has it that star power forward Kevin Garnett may be retiring before the start of the NBA season. He’s been in talks with his team, the Minnesota Timberwolves to decide if they’ll buy him out of the last year of his contract. If this is truly the end, Garnett fans will be sad they didn’t get a chance to say thank you and farewell in person, after 21 incredible seasons.



Like Mike.  Who didn’t want to be like Michael Jordan?  One Twitter user went viral yesterday, when she shared that she was in 3rd grade she was so obsessed with MJ that she used to take a life-size cardboard cutout with her wherever she went, including to the grocery story and Starbucks. Maybe the best part? That was only 12 years ago. He wasn’t even playing b-ball anymore…

Hot Read


Houston Texans @ New England Patriots. After losing Tom Brady to Deflategate and backup Jimmy Garoppolo to a sprained shoulder joint, the New England Patriots are expected to start rookie QB Jacoby Brissett. But after Garoppolo’s stellar performance during the past 2 games, some of his teammates are reportedly trying to pressure him to suck it up and play through the shoulder pain. It doesn’t help the Pats’ chances that their star tight end, Rob Gronkowski is still listed as questionable because of a hamstring sprain. Tune in to see if either player makes an appearance.  8:25pm ET on CBS

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