The One Where We’ll Sign Anything

Fun Fact of the Day: At least one winner from the First Four games has advanced to the round of 32 each year.  And those winners were all from Wednesday’s night’s games… Coinky dink?  Or time to change your bracket?  Stay tuned for tonight’s winners to find out!

Today's Rundown


Two of the Four.  Yesterday marked the beginning of the First Four games to figure out who makes it into the round of 64 beginning Thursday!  These are your highlights:

  • Florida Golf Coast easily defeated Farleigh Dickinson with their physical play in the paint and on the boards (96-65).  Now, their coach is really sweating their next matchup against #1 UNC and hoping for another run like they had when they were known as “Dunk City” back in 2013.
  • Wichita State got going in the second half to defeat Vanderbilt (70-50).  They relied on their seniors who have been dancing before, including a run to the Final Four just a few years ago.  Let’s see if they can do it again—they face Arizona next!


Playoffs here we come… again. The Washington Capitals beat the Carolina Hurricanes (2-1) in overtime to collect their 50th win!  This makes the Caps the first team this year to qualify for the playoffsShould everyone else just throw in the towel now?  Definitely not, the Caps have made it to the playoffs 8 of the past 9 seasons and have never won a Stanley Cup.   Whomp whomp.


Leaning in…  Running back CJ Anderson is returning to the Denver Broncos!  He kept them in suspense with some tricksy negotiations by signing a 4-year term sheet with the Miami Dolphins.  Yesterday, the Broncos screamed uncle and met Anderson’s terms.  Why do I know that name… Anderson was the only Broncos player to score an offensive touchdown during this past Super Bowl.

Wheeling and dealing.  Defensive end Chandler Jones was traded from the New England Patriots to the Arizona Cardinals, and he’ll be missed.  He had 12.5 sacks last season, so he’ll be a big help to the Cardinals that are in need of some pass rush talent.  In exchange, the Pats got some new blood with a 2nd round draft pick and guard Jonathan Cooper.  Cooper has been injury-ridden of late, but hopefully he will help protect QB Tom Brady who spent lots of his time in the dirt getting sacked in the playoffs last season.

Seen and Heard


Less tee, more tea. Hall of Famer and beverage-innovator Arnold Palmer won’t be hitting the ceremonial first shot at the Masters this year.  He’s done it since 2007, but now he’s 86 and recovering from a shoulder injury, so he’s just going to watch.  What else is he known for?  Palmer is a 4-time Masters champ, whose humble beginnings and charm helped to popularize golf in the 1960s.



Make Pete Rose great again.  Earlier this week Trump said that the MLB should let Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame (psst—he’s been kept out for illegally betting on his own team).  Trump also thanked Rose for a baseball that Rose signed for him saying “Please Make America Great Again.”  Now Rose’s peeps are saying that he didn’t send the ball to Trump and he doesn’t endorse any candidate.  Or maybe he doesn’t remember? Rose has been known to sign all sorts of hilarious(?) things on balls, including “I’m sorry I shot JFK” or “I’m sorry I broke up the Beatles.”

Hot Read

The last 2 games of the First Four are tonight!  Find out who are the last 2 teams to make it to the round of 64.

  • #16 Holy Cross v. #16 Southern Jaguars – truTV, 6:40pm ET
  • #11 Michigan v. #11 Tulsa – truTV, 9:10pm ET

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