The One with the Return of Jeff Gordon

Fun Fact of the Day: This summer’s games will be Michael Phelps’s 5th Olympics. Despite winning a record-high 22 Olympic medals (including 18 golds) over his career, this will be his 1st time as one of the U.S.’s swim team captains!

Today's Rundown


Hanley’s best night.  The Boston Red Sox beat the San Francisco Giants 11-7. Unfortunately, the Red Sox's new LHP Drew Pomeranz had nothing to do with the big win. The Red Sox traded to get Pomeranz because he’s had a career year, including making his first All-Star game. Yesterday was supposed to be his big debut, but he got pulled out of the game in the 4th inning for surrendering 5 runs. Luckily the Red Sox were bailed out by an unlikely source. Red Sox 1B Hanley Ramirez drilled 3 homers and finished the night with 6 RBI. Before last night’s game he only had 8 homers for the whole season.



Put down your reading glasses and that bingo card… Jeff Gordon will replace Dale Earnhardt Jr. for the next 2 Sprint Cup races. Gordon retired from racing last year but he will make his return to life in the fast lane after Earnhardt withdrew with concussion symptoms. While Gordon might be a little bit rusty, he’ll probably get up to speed pretty quickly.  After all, Gordon competed in 797 consecutive races from 1992-2015 and won 93 races, including 5 at this weekend’s track in Indianapolis.



Is there something in the water?  Over the past 2 weeks, 3 big UFC stars have been caught doping. It all started when heavyweight fighter Jon Jones was pulled from UFC 200 last minute, because he tested positive for estrogen-blocking PEDs. Then WWE fighter Brock Lesnar tested positive for the same estrogen-blocker right after winning his UFC 200 fight and collecting a giant $2.5M paycheck. Both of them will face 2-year suspensions, and Lesnar might also have some uncomfortable chats with his other boss, the WWE. They can commiserate with UFC featherweight star Chad Mendes, who just got handed his very own 2-year suspension this week. 

Seen and Heard


The Doctor is out.  The NFL’s chief medical advisor Elliot Pellman retired, after some gentle nudging from his bosses. Pellman had a long and controversial career with the NFL. He also served as chairman of the NFL’s Mild Traumatic Brain Injury committee for almost 20 years, until the NY Times revealed that he had *ahem* beefed up his resume and failed to disclose that he went to medical school in Guadalajara, Mexico. Oops!  The committee was known for publishing studies that minimized concussions and the group was eventually disbanded. Pellman’s “retirement” might have something to do with a poll that came out yesterday, which shows that 85% of Americans think that playing football probably causes CTE.

Wedding crasher. Over the weekend, former Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel reportedly punched a guest at a friend’s wedding. At least he apologized the next day. That’s something, right?  ICYMI Manziel has been running amok since he was dropped by the Browns in March. He’s always been a partier, but lately he’s stepped it up a bagillion notches, including causing $32,000 of damage to a rental home, partying with Leo DiCaprio, getting a giant tattoo on a plane, and riding along in a hit and run car accident. Despite all his antics, Johnny’s promised to get his act together, because as he put it: “it can’t end like this.”  We hope you’re right, Johnny.