L.A.’s Newest Football Team?

Fun Fact of the Day: The Chicago Cubs will be the last team to visit the White House during President Obama’s administration. Normally, the reigning World Series champions wait until the following MLB season, but the Cubs worked with White House staffers to move up the visit to next week.

Today’s Rundown


L.A. gets another bad football team to not care about.  The Rams and the Chargers are about to be roommates. One season after the Rams relocated from St. Louis to L.A., sources say that the San Diego Chargers have notified the NFL that they want to move too. That means L.A. is suddenly going to have 2 football teams after they went 20 years without 1. Why the move?  San Diego’s stadium was opened in 1967 and is one of the oldest stadiums in the league. This past fall, they tried to get public funding for a new stadium but the San Diego citizens voted against it. With the move, the Chargers and Rams will share a tricked out new $2.6B stadium beginning in 2019. 

Defense wins Championships and coaching jobs.  The Denver Broncos hired Vance Joseph as their new head coach. Joseph was the Miami Dolphins’ defensive coordinator. On paper the team didn’t have the best record, in fact, they were the NFL’s 29th ranked overall defense. But Joseph worked for Broncos GM John Elway back on the Houston Texans where Elway was impressed by his leadership skillsWho else hopped on the defensive coordinator train?  The Buffalo Bills hired the Carolina Panthers’ defensive coordinator Sean McDermott as their new head coach. Even though the Panthers’ defensive performance slipped last season, McDermott helped create the team’s top 10 ranked defense from 2012-15.

Seen and Heard


Oldies but goodies.  Rapper/Actor Ice Cube is starting a new pro basketball league… well not exactly new… It’s a 3-on-3 league called BIG3 that will be made up of only retired players. So far he’s got some pretty big names signed up to play and coach including Gary Payton and Allen Iverson.



Little big league.  ICYMI, last year former NFL QB Tim Tebow had a quarter-life crisis and decided to pursue a new career in baseball. So far it’s not going very well. He had a lot of trouble in the Fall League (an off-season league for baseball prospects), so the N.Y. Mets didn’t invite him to their spring training camp. That means Tebow will have to grind it out for another season in the minors if he wants to get another shot at the big leagues.