The Love-less Cavs

Fun Fact of the Day: In the NBA this season, Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love is 1 of only 5 players averaging more than 20 points and 10 rebounds per game. The others are Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Russell Westbrook.

Today’s Rundown


A tough Valentine’s Day for Love.  The Cleveland Cavaliers announced that Kevin Love had surgery on his left knee and is expected to be out for the next 6 weeks. He should be back 2 weeks before the end of the regular season. What does this mean for the Cavs?  Love was having one of the best seasons of his career, so the Cavs have a pretty big void to fill. To compensate LeBron James will probably have to play more minutes, and he won’t be happy about it. That’s because LeBron’s been complaining for weeks that the team lacks depth. Whose ears perked up when he heard “Love” and “injury”? N.Y. Knicks star Carmelo Anthony can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Reporters have been harassing him for weeks about rumors that the Knicks are trying to trade him to the Cavs for Love. Now, that’s unlikely to happen, because Love’s health is such a big question mark.



Bonjour, Claude!  The Montreal Canadiens fired head coach Michel Therrien and named Claude Julien as his replacement. Julien bounced back incredibly quickly, after the Boston Bruins fired him just last week. It’s not surprising; he was well regarded during his 10 seasons as the Bruins’ head coach, even leading them to a Stanley Cup victory.  Poor Michel. This is the second time the Canadiens have fired Therrien and replaced him with Julien—they did the same thing back in 2003.

Seen and Heard


The New York Peace Accords. The N.Y. Knicks may finally be drama free thanks to an intervention by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Oakley’s longtime buddy Michael Jordan. ICYMI, last week former Knicks player Charles Oakley was removed from a game and arrested for assaulting several members of security. Oakley said he was just minding his own business, but Knicks owner James Dolan said Oakley was yelling insults at him. Afterwards, Dolan banned Oakley from the arena. Yesterday, Silver and Jordan helped mediate a meeting between Oakley and Dolan. Now, Oakley’s ban has been lifted, but the incident isn’t quite water under the bridge yet. Oakley said he’s still not ready to go to MSG for a game.



Bizarre boo-boos.  MLB Spring Training is underway, and with it comes the tradition of strange injuries. This year’s first victim was Kansas City Royals pitcher Brian Flynn. He suffered a broken rib, when he fell through the roof of his barn. Interested in more weird wounds?  Here’s a list of some of the craziest Spring Training mishaps, including Steve Sparks’s OG injury back in 1994, when he dislocated his shoulder while trying to rip a phone book in half.

Hot Read


(Franchise) Tag, you’re it!  Today is the first day that teams can place the franchise tag on their top players. Not sure what that means? We’ve got you covered with a quick primer.