The One with the NBA Draft

Fun Fact of the Day: Last night, Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane became the first American to win the Hart Memorial Trophy, given to the NHL's most valuable player!

Today's Rundown


Bad Chad” isn’t the only one missing out on a Rose.  Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose was traded to the New York Knicks, as part of a multi-player deal. Now, the Knicks are crossing their fingers and chanting “No whammies, no whammies…” What do you mean?  Rose was super-hyped as the hometown hero at the beginning of his career, especially after winning the NBA MVP during the 2010-11 season, but ever since he’s basically been made of glass. He has suffered from multiple injuries and only appeared in half of games for the past 4 seasons. Let’s see if he can get back to his former glory in NYC, alongside star Carmelo Anthony and up-and-comer Kristaps Porzingis. Who else is packing their bags?  After a big 3-way trade, Atlanta Hawks guard Jeff Teague is headed to the Indiana Pacers and Pacers point guard George Hill is headed to the Utah Jazz.



Trouble’s a brewing. The St. Louis Cardinals beat the first-place Chicago Cubs 7-2, to complete a 3-game sweep.  The last time the Cubs were swept at home was nearly a year ago.  Don’t worry Cubs fans, they still have the best record in the league and a healthy lead in the NL Central, but the Cardinals are definitely starting to hit their stride. Who can they commiserate with?  The NL East-leading Washington Nationals were swept by the L.A. Dodgers this week as well.  Tough week for the good guys. 



What a Euro trip!  Yesterday, the Euros Round of 16 picture was completed (psst—it’s the prestigious European soccer tournament held every 4 years).  Portugal avoided elimination thanks to 2 goals from superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, who became the first player to score in 4 different Euro tournaments.  Meanwhile, the itty-bitty country of Iceland continued to defy the odds by beating Austria and this TV announcer completely lost his mind.  Next up, they’ll face the big boys in the elimination rounds on the tough side of the bracket.

Spotlight on the NBA Draft

Tonight is the NBA Draft and Philadelphia 76ers are so SO SO excited because they finally have the #1 pick!!!!  Here’s what you need to know.

It might as well be a 2-man draft. Ben Simmons is expected to go #1 to the 76ers and Brandon Ingram to go #2 to the Los Angeles Lakers. After that, nobody’s really that sure whom to pick. Just ask the Boston Celtics, who were trying to shop around their #3 pick, but couldn’t find any takers.

Tell me about Ben Simmons.  Ben is a basketball phenom from Australia. He’s often compared to LeBron James because of his size (he’s 6’10”), versatility, and passing skills. Ben’s already trying to follow in King James’s footsteps, by training with him and signing with his sports agency (also where Ben’s older sister works).  But it’s not all good news. Last year, Simmons played college ball for LSU, and they didn’t even make the NCAA Tournament. In his defense, LSU is not great at b-ball, but many people criticized Ben for not having enough competitive fire to bring his team to victory. If Ben is drafted #1 he will be the first player in the modern tournament era (since 1985) to be selected #1 without playing in March Madness. 

Tell me about Brandon Ingram.  Brandon played for Duke last year and is often compared to Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant, because of his tall frame (he’s 6’9”) and insanely disproportionate wingspan (7’3”). Brandon is long and lean and he can score from anywhere on the floor. There’s just one problem.  He might be too lean. Scouts say that he’s too much of a skinny mini and won’t be strong enough to hold up in the NBA. For now, the 18-year-old is trying to pack on the pounds by eating 6 meals a day. Boo freaking hoo! #NBAprospectproblems

What about Buddy Hield? You may remember Buddy for his Steph Curry impression during March Madness. The only knock against him is that he’s a bit old for a NBA prospect—I mean, the man actually finished college! But it may also be a positive because he comes NBA-ready, unlike some of the youngsters in the draft.

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