More Knicks Drama

Fun Fact of the Day: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell seems scared of New England Patriots fans after the whole Deflategate mess. He hasn’t attended a Pats home game since the scandal went down. This week’s playoff games are no exception; he’s planning to attend the NFC Championship game in Atlanta instead of the AFC Championship game in Boston. Extra suspicious because he just attended a Falcons game in Atlanta last week.

Today’s Rundown


Time to Melo out?  Yesterday, famed N.Y. Knicks President Phil Jackson sat down with his star Carmelo (“Melo”) Anthony for a super awkward conversation.  What about?  Over the past few months, things have gotten a little tense on the Knicks. Not only has the team slipped out of playoff contention, but Jackson’s made some negative comments about Melo to the press. Then earlier this week, a Knicks writer with close ties to Jackson suggested that Anthony had “outlived his usefulness in New York.” When asked for a comment, Melo took the high road and said he hoped Jackson would talk to him if there was a problem. Ask and you shall receive. Yesterday, that face-to-face meeting happened and Jackson asked Melo directly if he wants to stay on the Knicks for the last 2 years in his contract. Sources report that Anthony said yes and he has a no trade clause in his contract, so you shouldn’t expect him to go anywhere anytime soon. 

Clipped short. L.A. Clippers star point guard Chris Paul is getting surgery on his left thumb and is expected to be out for the next 6-8 weeks. Poor little Chris Paul has suffered a bunch of injuries in the past, including a pulled ligament in his other thumb and breaking his right hand. What does this mean for the Clips?  This season was probably the Clippers’ last shot at a really deep playoff run because their star players are getting older, but unfortunately they’ve been annihilated by injuries. Their other star player, forward Blake Griffin has also been sitting out the past several weeks recovering from knee surgery.



Worked to the brink.  After a grueling strength and conditioning workout, 3 Oregon football players were hospitalized last week due to exhaustion. They were worked so hard their muscle tissue was breaking down, which can lead to kidney failure or death in extreme cases. Why the intense drills?  Last season, Oregon’s team had a terrible record and didn’t make the playoffs, so the team hired a new head coach, Willie Taggart. Taggert brought over new strength and conditioning coach Irele Oderinde, who has been suspended for 1 month without pay.



No man is an Islander.  The N.Y. Islanders fired their head coach Jack Capuano. Over the past 4 seasons, Capuano led the team to the playoffs 3 times, including last season’s first round win over the Florida Panthers. But this season, the team took a giant step back. The Islanders are off to the worst start in the Eastern Conference, so the team’s new owners decided it was time to ditch Capuano and start over.