A Not Very Wild Set of Wild-Card Games

Fun Fact of the Day: All of this weekend’s NFL Playoffs Wild Card games were big blowouts. Altogether, the 4 games were decided by 76 points, the largest combined margin of victory in this round of the playoffs.

Today’s Rundown


More like Boring-Card games.  Well, that was uneventful. If you missed this weekend’s Wild-Card games, you didn’t miss much. Each game was decided by 13+ points. Here’s a look at the current NFL Playoff bracket and our recap of the big stories you missed:

NFL Playoffs Bracket
  • The Hail Mary.  The Green Bay Packers easily put away the N.Y. Giants in a big 38-13 victory, but everyone will be talking about Packers QB Aaron Rodgers’s incredible Hail Mary touchdown pass. If you’re having déjà vu that’s probably because he’s got a habit of making insane Hail Mary touchdown throws when it matters most
  • The controversy.  Some people are trying to pin the Giants’ loss on their wide receiving corps. Why?  The whole team had Monday off, so the wide receivers decided to take a trip down to Miami and party and gallivant shirtless on a boat. Superstar Odell Beckham was spotted at a club with Justin Bieber, then he had a particularly rough game with a bunch of drops and only 28 receiving yards. Coincidence?  Some think not. After the game, he took out his frustrations by punching a hole through wall.
  • Big Ben’s boot.  The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Miami Dolphins with a big 30-12 victory. Even though the game was pretty much decided by the 4th quarter, the Steelers kept in all of their starters, including QB Ben Roethlisberger. Questionable move, especially because Big Ben took a big hit at the end of the game. Afterwards, he was spotted in a walking boot, but he’s a tough guy, so he’s still planning to play in next week’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Seen and Heard


A really late adopter.  Just like your mom, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady is all over Facebook. He’s constantly posting photos and video clips. But up until last weekend, he hadn’t discovered any other social media platforms. Now, he’s finally caught up to the modern times and made a big announcement that he’s joined Instagram. Slow clap. Very slow. You can follow him @TomBrady.

Hot Read


The College Football Playoff National Championship. The big game is tonight between Alabama and Clemson! These were the top 2 teams in the country last year too, and Alabama just barely came out on top in a close 45-40 victory. It was Alabama’s 4th National Championship title since 2009, and they want to make this year lucky #5. But they’ll have their work cut out for them going back up against Clemson’s star QB Deshaun Watson, who is a 2x Heisman Trophy finalist. 8pm ET on ESPN