The One Where We Explain the Tour de France

Fun Fact of the Day: In addition to winning the coveted yellow jersey, the overall winner of the Tour de France gets a stuffed toy lion. That’s because a lion is the logo of the French bank Credit Lyonnaise, which has sponsored the yellow jersey since 1987.

Today's Rundown


Does somebody need a nap? White Sox pitcher Chris Sale has been suspended 5 days for throwing a major temper tantrum. The team was supposed to wear these throwback polos this weekend, but Sale said they were uncomfortable. Instead of sucking it up--like a normal grown up—he decided to cut up all the jerseys so no one could wear them. Is this a cry for help? The White Sox have posted losing records for the past 3 seasons and are on their way to a 4th. The word on the street is that they are thinking about trading Sale, so that they can rebuild. Sale is one of the best pitchers in the game, so he would normally be worth a very pretty penny. But now with this little hissy fit, teams might try and steal him away at a bit of a discount. 

Welcome to the Hall.  This weekend legends Ken “The Kid” Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame! Griffey was voted into the hall right away by over 99% of the ballots. He’s always been hot stuff ever since he was picked #1 in the 1987 draft. He was known for his defensive skills and wearing a backwards baseball cap way back before it was cool. On the other hand, Piazza didn’t have it quite as easy. He was the 1,390th overall pick in the 1988 draft, but he rose to became one of the best offensive catchers of all time. It took him 4 tries to get inducted into the Hall because of rumors that he used steroids 



Time to send your pee overseas…  The International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided not to ban all Russian athletes from this summer’s Olympic games. The only sport where Russians will be completely banned is track and field.  This was a tough call for the IOC, especially after the World Anti-Doping Agency recommended a complete ban of all Russian athletes because of state-sponsored cheating across 28 sports.  Instead, individuals will be allowed to compete if they can show clean international tests that prove they weren’t doping. Olympic Spillage.  The Rio Olympics really cannot catch a break. This weekend, the Australian Olympic team announced that it is not going to stay in the Olympic village because of shoddy construction. Apparently, they tested out the facilities and there was exposed electrical wiring, blocked toilets, and water leaking from the ceiling.

Spotlight on the Tour de France

Despite crashing his bike twice, Great Britain’s Chris Froome won his 3rd Tour de France!  Here’s what you need to know about the big race.

What is it?  The Tour de France is a mega 3-week long, 2,200-mile race that takes place all over France.  Teams of bikers compete in 21-stages that include insane mountain passes through the Alps. The fastest overall cyclist gets to wear a fancy yellow jersey and wins a big cash prize.

What’s this “peloton” thing they keep mentioning?  A peloton is a team of 9 bikers.  Within each team, they pick their best cyclist, who will compete to win the overall individual classification. The other 8 bikers are called his domestiquesliterally translated to mean ‘servants.’ Their job is to try and get their team leader the fastest possible time.

Why is Beyonce playing on repeat?  Because Formation is a peloton’s themesong.  Teams will bike in different formations to reduce drag from the wind for their leader—this is called drafting or slipstreaming.

Tell me about Chris Froome. Froome is a Kenyan-born Brit, who has won the Tour de France 3 times. He’s not super well-liked for a couple big reasons.  First, he’s on Team Sky, which is kind of like the New York Yankees of cycling. They are super rich and spend boatloads of cash to get whatever cyclists they want. Second, a lot of people have accused Froome of doping. He’s been so dominant in the world of cycling, that he’s often been compared to another guy you might remember—Lance Armstrong. Froome was not flattered. He’s tried to dispel the rumors by releasing a lot of his physical testing data, but that didn’t stop a spectator from flinging his pee at him and yelling “Doper!” during last year’s race.

Seen and Heard


Dance like no one’s watching.  This past weekend was the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship. Big stars Steph Curry and Justin Timberlake were paired together with none other than… wait for it… Alfonso Ribeiro aka Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. No, none of them won the tournament. But yes, they did do the “Carlton” dance together.