The One with Lefty in the Lead

Fun Fact of the Day: At age 46, Phil Mickelson is the 2nd oldest player to shoot 63 in a major golf tournament. The oldest was Gary Player at age 48 at the 1984 PGA Championship.

Today's Rundown


To the left, to the left.  It’s time for the British Open, or simply “The Open.” It’s the oldest of the 4 major tournaments and it's the only one that takes place outside the U.S. This year it’s in St. Andrews, Scotland and after Round 1, good old Phil “Lefty” Mickelson is in the lead by 3 strokes. He finished with an outstanding 8-under-par 63 and almost made history with a score of 62 but the ball rolled out around the lip of the 18th hole (FYI, that’s called a “lip-out”). Lefty said he was heartbroken because plenty of people have scored 63 before (this is the 28th time at a major championship), but no one has cracked the coveted 62 mark.



Pitch-for-pitch. The Boston Red Sox traded top prospect RHP Anderson Espinoza for San Diego Padres LHP Drew Pomeranz, yesterday. The Red Sox were in desperate need of help with their starting rotation, so they were anxious to lock Pomeranz down before another team could get to him. After bouncing around to 4 different teams earlier in his career, Pomeranz has had a breakout year, including making his first All-Star game. The Red Sox are betting that he’s just a late bloomer and that the best is yet to come. In exchange, they gave up highly-touted prospect Espinoza, who at just 18 years old could be the next big thing or a major bust.  Only time will tell who won out with this trade!

Seen and Heard


Mr. Franchise.  Yesterday, the Denver Broncos offered linebacker Von Miller the biggest contract in NFL history for a non-quarterback. Last season, Miller was the MVP of Super Bowl 50 and a huge part of the Broncos’ league-best defense, so the Broncos slapped him with the franchise tag in February (psst—that means they gave him an exclusive $14M offer to stick with the team for 1 more year). Miller has been playing coy and holding out, because he wants a long-term commitment with some job security. They have been going back and forth ever since. Miller even said that he’d rather not play at all next year than accept the Broncos’ measly-peasly $14M offer.  Now, it looks like the Broncos have really stepped up their game with a record high 6-year $114M deal with $70M guaranteedBall’s in your court, Miller! 

Tebowing was almost relevant again.  Next week is the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and rumors were swirling that former NFL QB Tim Tebow would speak on behalf of presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.  Yesterday, Tebow took to Instagram to say Huh????? So no, don’t count on Tim to ‘Tebow’ for a Trump presidency, next week.

Hot Read


The British Open. The golfing fun continues all weekend long, but will be on TV in the wee morning hours state-side. Will Lefty be able to hold onto the lead? Find out where and when to watch here.