The Case of the Missing Jersey

Fun Fact of the Day: Sacramento Kings player DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins has a reputation for his bad attitude. He’s currently facing an automatic one-game suspension after picking up his 16th technical foul of the season. Over the past 7 years, he’s had the most technical fouls of any player with 104 total.

Today’s Rundown


Wanted: Used Super Bowl Jersey.  After the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl on Sunday, QB Tom Brady’s jersey went missing. Dun dun dunnnn! Now, everyone’s on the lookout, including the Texas Rangers (both the Public Safety officers and the MLB team). This isn’t the first time that one of Brady’s jerseys has gone missing; he had another jersey stolen in December 2004. When it popped up on an auction site 10 years later, the Pats pushed for criminal charges against the former employee who illegally listed the item. Who else is familiar with stolen memorabilia?  Pats owner Robert Kraft alleged that Russian president Vladimir Putin stole one of his Super Bowl rings. If you haven’t heard the anecdote before, check it out here.



You can’t buy my Love.  For the past couple of weeks rumors have been swirling that the N.Y. Knicks offered to trade their star forward Carmelo Anthony to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Kevin Love. Now, a Knicks source is saying that the Cavs very own LeBron James is pushing for the deal to go through. LeBron and Melo have been buddies since the 2003 draft, so it’s certainly possible, but Love is playing superbly and the Cavs have said that they aren’t trading him. LeBron also takes his reputation for being a great teammate very seriously, so he was not amused by the rumors, calling them “trash” and “outside noise.”

Big man for saleThe Philadelphia 76ers are reportedly trying to trade second-year big man Jahlil Okafor to the New Orleans Pelicans for a first round draft pick.  The 76ers used the 3rd overall pick to select Okafor from Duke in 2015. Unfortunately, since joining the NBA, he’s suffered from some knee injuries and been outshone by rookie center Joel Embiid. Now, the 76ers have too many big men on the team and are trying to move Okafor before the February 23rd trade deadline.



Double trouble.  One of Baylor’s strength and conditioning coaches was fired yesterday, after the school found out he was arrested for solicitation of prostitution this weekend. This is not a good look for Baylor’s football program, because ICYMI they have been embroiled in a huge sexual assault scandal over the past several years.



Ch-ch-ch-changes.  MLB has proposed 2 rule changes to the game that the Player’s Association will have to vote to pass. First, they want to change the intentional-walk rule, so pitchers can just signal for a walk and won’t have to waste time tossing 4 pitches outside the strike zone. They think this might help with MLB’s problem with having super long games. Second, they want to raise the bottom of the strike zone a few inches from the bottom of the batter’s knee to the top of the knee. Shrinking the strike zone will help hitters, but hurt pitchers, so you can bet there will be some hemming and hawing by the players on this one.