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Back off.  Yesterday, Tiger Woods shot a 77 in the opening round of the Omega Dubai Desert Classic, which was his worst score ever at the Emirates Golf Club. Afterwards, everyone kept asking him if he was injured because he was playing like such hot garbage, but he insisted that he was fine. This morning, he withdrew from the competition due to back spasms. He says that the spasms are not related to the 2 back surgeries that he had back in 2015. Hopefully, he’s feeling better soon, because he’s scheduled to compete in 2 more tournaments later this month.



That Magic touch.  The L.A. Lakers have re-hired basketball legend Magic Johnson as an advisor to the team’s co-owner and president Jeanie Buss. Now, everyone is wondering what this means for Jeanie’s big bro, co-owner and the executive vice president Jim Buss. Why does this have to do with Jim?  In 2015, Jim famously said that he would resign if he wasn’t able to turn the team around in the next couple of years. ICYMI, it’s 2017 and the Lakers still aren’t doing so great. Magic’s been pretty critical of Jim’s performance in the past, so this could be a hint that Jim’s time is nearly up.



Is this some kind of joke?  Everyone knows that punters have pretty cushy jobs. They get paid a lot of money for a low impact job; most punters can keep at until well into their 40s. That’s what makes it so surprising that Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee has decided to hang up his cleats at age 29. He’s giving up the last 2 years of his nearly $3M annual salary to become a writer for Barstool Sports, a satirical sports blog and TV show on Comedy Central. He said that he wasn’t feeling as fulfilled by punting as he was by making people laugh.

Please stop talking.  Disgraced kicker Josh Brown has spoken out for the first time since he was fired by the N.Y. Giants last fall. The team dropped him after he was accused of abusing his ex-wife on 20+ occasions. Police also found a bunch of Brown’s old journal entries, where he admitted to physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. Yesterday, he gave an interview to Good Morning America to try to clear his name. He said that he never hit, slapped, or choked his ex-wife. He just “held her down,” “kicked a chair,” and used “intimidation and threats.” Thanks for the clarification, Brown… You still sound terrible.

The Super Bowl is finally here! Will the Atlanta Falcons or the New England Patriots win it all? If you couldn’t care less, here are some prop bets to keep you busy in between commercials. For everyone else, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to follow along with the big game this weekend:

Why are Pats fans salivating?  The Pats are thiiissss close to some sweet, sweet Deflategate revenge against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Most Pats fans think that Deflategate was an unfounded witch-hunt propagated by Goodell against their hero QB Tom Brady. Now, the Pats are just 1-win away from sticking it to him.

Why can the Falcons win this thing? The Falcons have the #1 offense in the league this year, scoring an average of 33.8 points per game. If they are able to cap the season off with a Super Bowl win, they could go down in history as one of the best offenses of all time. They should thank QB Matt Ryan, who is having the best season of his career and is a shoe-in to win league MVP this year. Even though his favorite target is wide receiver Julio Jones, he’s got lots of other options on the team. Ryan set an NFL single-season record by making touchdown passes to 13 different players.

Why can the Pats win this thing?  The Pats have the #1 ranked defense in points allowed. Yes, you read that right; it’s #1 offense v. #1 defense. There have only been 6 other Super Bowls where the top-scoring offense went up against the stingiest defense, and so far the defense has won 5-1. What makes the Pats even scarier is that their offense isn’t that far behind the Falcons’. The Pats have scored the 3rd most points per game in the league, so most analysts are expecting a high-flying shootout.

Who’s going to win?  The Pats are the favorites to win by 3 points, but don’t write off the Falcons yet. The Pats actually had a really easy road to the Super Bowl this year, so the Falcons will be their biggest test to date. In fact, 9 of the Pats’ games this season were against the 7 lowest-ranked offenses in the NFL. Meanwhile the Falcons have really turned up their defensive jets during the playoffs. They’ve become the most aggressive defense during the postseason, ranking #1 and #2 in terms of pressure and blitz rate.

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Super Bowl LI.  Wings, commercials, and Lady Gaga, what more could you want? Sunday 6:30pm ET on FOX.