March Madness Comes Early

Fun Fact of the Day: This year’s playoffs were mostly boring, big blowouts. Want proof that the games were underwhelming? The average point differential in this year’s playoffs was 15.7 and there were only 2 games that finished within one-possession. Typically, the average point differential is 12.1 and there are 4.8 one-possession games.

Today’s Rundown


Thank goodness you don’t have a bracket to bust yet…  Last night, 3 of the top 4 college basketball teams in the country all lost. #1 Villanova, #2 Kansas, and #4 Kentucky were all upset while traveling on the road. And things are about to get even worse for either Kansas or Kentucky because the teams play each other this Saturday. Now, #3 Gonzaga just has to survive playing San Diego on Thursday to take over the #1 spot in the country.

Seen and Heard


Not a great beginning to the offseason… The Pittsburgh Steelers are having a pretty rough week. First, they lost big to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game. Now, QB “Big Ben” Roethlisberger is saying that he’s not sure if he’ll play again next year. He said that he wants to take the offseason to think about his health and family, and who can blame him? Big Ben has taken a ton of hits throughout his career, but he usually shrugs them off and recovers quickly because he’s such a big tough guy. Now at age 34, father time may finally be taking his toll. Who else might be leaving the Steelers?  Rumor has it that the team is getting frustrated with “selfish” and “foolish” star wide receiver Antonio Brown. Sources say that Coach Mike Tomlin has talked to Brown about being overly concerned with his stats instead of the team. Last week’s Facebook live fiasco didn’t help either. ICYMI, Brown caused a major distraction when he videoed Coach Tomlin’s less than flattering locker room speech about the New England Patriots.



A little February Madness.  If you’re already dreading the dead zone for sports after the Super Bowl, we’ve got good news: spring basketball is coming a little bit early this year. The NCAA men’s basketball selection committee announced that they are going to give a sneak peek of the top 16 seeds in the March Madness bracket on a CBS broadcast on February 11. Of course, seeding will continue to change until the start of the tournament, but the NCAA says that the preview will help give coaches extra insight into the selection process. This way teams can make adjustments and hopefully there will be fewer surprises (READ: fewer complaints).



Silent suffering.  Last year was the worst for FOX sideline reporter Erin Andrews. Not only was she in the middle of a high profile trial because a stalker videotaped her through the peephole in her hotel, but she recently revealed that she was battling cervical cancer. She kept the diagnosis a secret from her colleagues and the media, and she didn’t miss any games, despite undergoing surgery. Fortunately, the procedure was a success and she’s been cancer free for the past few months.