Divisional Round Recap

Fun Fact of the Day: UConn’s women’s basketball team won its 91st straight game this weekend, beating their own record for longest winning streak in college basketball history. That’s right, they haven’t lost a game since 2014.

Today’s Rundown


Divisional Round highlights.  Hopefully you caught some of the exciting playoff games this long weekend, but we’ve got you covered in case you missed them. Here’s a look at the current NFL playoff picture and the biggest stories from each game:

NFL Playoff Bracket
  • That Aaron Rodgers magic.  The Green Bay Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys 34-31 in a real nail-biter Sunday night. The Packers’ Aaron Rodgers was back to looking like the best QB in the league; he even designed the incredible 36-yard pass to tight end Jared Cook that set up the game-winning 51-yard field goal.
  • Watch what happens live. After the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 18-16 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, the Steelers’ star wide receiver Antonio Brown filmed a Facebook live video from the locker room. In the background, you can hear coach Mike Tomlin hyping up the team to play the New England Patriots in next week’s AFC Championship game. He called the Pats a bunch of “a**h****s” and complained about how they had an extra day to prep for the big game. Thank you very much… The Pats are probably pretty happy about Brown’s video. He’s just caused a big distraction for the Steelers and now the media will be hounding them about Tomlin’s comments all week.
  • Would you like some cheese with that whine? The Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce is still mad about how they lost to the Steelers. After the game, he complained about a holding penalty that undid the Chiefs’ game-tying 2-pt conversion. He called the penalty as “horsesh**” and said the ref wasn't good enough to wear the zebra stripes to work at a Foot Locker.



NBA Finals rematch.  This round went to the Golden State Warriors. Last night, the Warriors blew out the Cleveland Cavaliers 126-91. And even though LeBron James won’t admit that these 2 teams are rivals, this loss had to sting.

Seen and Heard


Estranged timing. QB Aaron Rodgers has been lighting it up on the field for the Packers, which of course gives the media a great excuse to discuss his personal life. This weekend the NY Times published an article where they interviewed Aaron’ dad. He confirmed a Bleacher Report article that detailed Aaron's estrangement from the family since 2014. No one in the Rodgers family has Aaron’s phone number, they aren’t invited to games, and Aaron didn’t attend his grandfather’s funeral. What happened?  No one knows for sure. Aaron is pretty private and won’t comment on questions about his family. The whole world only found out about the awkward sitch when Aaron’s brother Jordan won The Bachelorette last season and aired their dirty laundry on TV. While there are a bunch of conspiracy theories out there, most people think the estrangement has to do with Aaron’s celebrity girlfriend Olivia Munn, whom he started dating in 2014.