The One Where Lochte Bounces Back

Fun Fact of the Day:  The earliest recorded fantasy football league was started by Wilfred “Bill” Winkenbach (a limited partner of the Oakland Raiders) in 1963. It was called the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League (GOPPPL), and they had to call the Oakland Tribune each week to get stats.

Today's Rundown


Floating on. Ryan Lochte has been charged with making a false statement to police. Brazil’s Justice Department also summoned him to appear at a hearing about his late night vandalizing a gas station during the Olympics. Back stateside, Lochte’s already bouncing back from last week’s “overexaggeration” to his mom, Matt Lauer, and police. After his 4 existing endorsement deals dropped him, he got a new deal with the Pine Brothers, a cough drop brand. Their tag line will be forgiving on your throat”—get it? America loves a comeback.



Yay, Tony’s back! Oh no, Tony’s back!  After sitting out 8 games last season with a broken collarbone, Dallas Cowboys fans were excited to have QB Tony Romo back out on the field.  Then during last night’s preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks, he fell to the ground clutching his back and sat out the rest of the game. Not good because Romo had back surgery twice in 2013. Fortunately, he seems to be fine and the team says he will be back for the first game of the season. Cowboys fans are breathing a sigh of relief because over the past 2 seasons the team’s record has been 15-4 with Romo and 1-12 without him.



Gimme gimme Moore. San Francisco Giants LHP Matt Moore was oh-so-close to throwing a no-hitter last night against division rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers. He finally gave up a single to SS Corey Seager, in the bottom of the 9th inning, but the Giants still sealed the deal with a 4-0 victory.  This was Moore’s 5th start after getting traded from the Tampa Bay Rays earlier this year, and it was the best game of his career.

Spotlight on Fantasy Football

Football season starts in less than 2 weeks, which is why everyone at your office is talking about Fantasy Football 24/7. If you’re a Fantasy Football newbie, we’ve got just the thing, our 5 (mostly) easy steps to drafting your fantasy team.  Follow our founder throughout the season, as she plays Fantasy Football for the first time.

Seen and Heard


My little pony house. Let’s be real. We’re all insanely jealous of Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry’s adorable daughter Riley. She’s the star of the first family of the NBA, she makes hilarious appearances in postgame interviews, and now she has a ridiculous horse-themed playhouse, complete with club lighting and a ball pit. When can we move in? 



Did you finally upgrade to the RAZR?  Earlier this year, Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck signed a monster $140M contract, making him the highest paid player in NFL history. What did he splurge on?  He upgraded his old flip phone to… a brand new flip phone. Seriously. It’s his very first phone with a camera.