The One with an International Incident

Fun Fact of the Day:  Usain Bolt’s signature pointing move is called “To Di World.” It was a popular Jamaican dancehall move back in 2008, when Bolt first burst onto the scene. Now, most people associate with Bolt and call it the “Lightning Bolt” or “Bolting.”

Today's Rundown


Swimming (kind of).  It turns out Ryan Lochte and his 3 fellow American swimmers were not robbed at gunpoint after all. Last weekend, Lochte told his mom and the Today Show that men pretending to be police officers pulled over their taxi, put a gun to his head, and took their money. Over the next couple of days, the police started poking holes in his story. Now, security footage from a gas station has shown that the swimmers broke down a door to use the restroom and vandalized the inside. When a security guard confronted them, they tried to escape. The guard brandished a gun to get them to stay and pay for the damage. Eventually, the swimmers handed over about $51 and left. No apology yet from the Real Swim Shady, who fled back home to the U.S. as soon as his lies started getting out of hand. Although, he did take some time to tweet about his hair. Meanwhile, 2 of his swimming bros were allowed to return to the US last night, but the last (Jimmy Feigen) is still stuck in Rio.

Track and field.  Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt cemented his legacy as the fastest man alive by winning the 200m last night. Although he was disappointed not to run even faster, Bolt is the first man to win 3 consecutive gold medals in the 100m and 200m; no one else has even won them twice consecutively. He now has 8 Olympic golds, and will go for a clean sweep of all the sprinting events in the 4x100m relay tonight.

       Americans had a great night at the track, as well. Ashton Eaton won his second straight Olympic decathlon gold medal and tied the Olympic record of 8,893 points in 10 events over 2 days.  Kerron Clement and Dalilah Muhammad won golds in the mens and women’s 400m hurdles.

       The U.S. women also managed to qualify for the 4x100 relay final, after dropping the baton during the qualifying heats.  Instant replay showed that track star Allyson Felix was bumped by a Brazilian runner right before the handoff, so team USA was allowed to have a redo all by themselves on the track last night. Take 2 went much more smoothly. They will compete in the final on Saturday.  



Let’s have a chat. After being implicated in an Al-Jazeera documentary about steroid use, linebackers James Harrison (Pittsburgh Steelers), Clay Matthews (Green Bay Packers) and Julius Peppers (Packers) have agreed to meet with NFL investigators. “Agreed” might not be the right word. Earlier this week the NFL gave them an ultimatum to cooperate or they would be suspended indefinitely. Talk, it is.

Sharper image destroyed.  Former NFL safety Darren Sharper was sentenced to 18 years in prison for drugging and raping as many as 16 women in 4 different states. Sharper was a 5x Pro Bowler and won a Super Bowl during his 14-year NFL career. Since 2011, he worked as an NFL network analyst but wherever he traveled, women reported blacking out and waking up sexually abused after drinking with him.

Spotlight on High Jump Stars

The Olympics’ track and field events finish up this Saturday.  Here’s what you need to know about America’s biggest high jump stars, old and new: 

The hot new thing. Vashti Cunningham is the talk of the high jump world. At only 18 years old, she has already gone pro, scored 2nd place in the U.S. qualifiers, and set a junior world record at 6’6.25”. Does the Cunningham name sound familiar?  You’ve probably heard of her father former NFL QB Randall Cunningham (who is also her coach) and uncle former fullback Sam Cunningham. On top of that, Vashti won the genetic lottery with her professional ballerina mom Felicity. The combination of power and grace has helped Vashti become a rising superstar in the sport.

The last chance.  Chaunte Lowe is the American high jump record holder and favorite to medal in this event. She came in 1st at the US Olympic Trials with a 6’7” jump—the highest recorded in the world this year.  At age 32, Lowe is a track and field veteran, but she is still seeking her 1st Olympic medal.  Hopefully the 4th Olympic games is the charm for this multitasking mother of 3, part-time grad student, and TD Ameritrade day traderLowe is certainly hitting her stride, after taking time off last year to care for her 5-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with autism.

Hot Read


Track and field. Watch Usain Bolt go for a triple three-peat in the 4x100m tonight at 9:35pm ET. Then on Saturday tune in for the women’s high jump final at 7:30pm ET.

Basketball. Watch the U.S. men play against Spain in the semifinals this afternoon at 2:30pm ET and the U.S. women go for their 6th straight Olympic gold against Spain on Saturday at 2:30pm ET.

Closing ceremony.  Sunday at 7pm ET on NBC.