The One with the MLB Trade Deadline

Fun Fact of the Day:  Olympic athletes have another big complaint about the Rio summer games. On top of Zika, contaminated water, uninhabitable living conditions, and building fires, there’s no access to Pokemon Go! Last month, Rio’s major begged Nintendo to release the app in his city before the games, but unfortunately it was not completed in time.

Today's Rundown


A first time for everything. Yesterday, Jimmy Walker won the PGA Championship with a score of 14-under 266. Because of pouring rain all week and delay-after-delay, it was a grueling day of 36-holes of golf. Walker went toe-to toe with #1-ranked golfer Jason Day, beating him by just 1 stroke. This has been a year with extreme parity in golf; every major tournament was won by someone who had never won a major before. Out of this world. In his spare time, Walker’s actually a fairly well known astrophotographer and has sold some of his photos to NASA.

Spotlight on the MLB Trade Deadline

The MLB trade deadline is today, so teams have been playing Deal or No Deal all weekend long. Playoff contenders tried to get players that could improve their chances, while teams with no hope of making it to the postseason (we’re looking at you San Diego Padres) traded away anybody that was worth anything to rebuild for next year. Here’s what you need to know about this weekend’s big trades:

When at first you don’t succeed… The Cleveland Indians are actually good this year! I know—it is crazy! And they are putting it all on the line to improve their chances of making it to the playoffs. First, they tried to trade a bunch of their top prospects for Milwaukee Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy, but he vetoed the deal using the no-trade clause in his contract. …Try, try again.  Instead of throwing themselves a pity party, the Indians got right back on the horse and traded to get star pitcher Andrew Miller from the New York Yankees. Miller is one of the most elite relief pitchers in the game, so the Indians had to give up a ton of players to get him, including 2 of their most highly rated prospects.

Welcome to Miami.  Weirdly enough, the Miami Marlins are really good this year, too! They are also trying to make a big playoff push, so they acquired San Diego Padres’ pitchers Andrew Cashner and Colin Rea to boost their starting rotation. They got them on the cheap because Cashner has dealt with injuries and inconsistency throughout his career and Rea has been hit or miss in his debut as a starting pitcher. Is there anyone left on the Padres?  The Padres are in complete rebuild mode, so they have been dropping players like it’s hot.  This weekend, they even found a buyer for RF Matt Kemp, who used to be one of the best players in the game back in 2011 but really took a nosedive over the past several seasons. 

Seen and Heard


Overexposure.  Yesterday, Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green accidentally snapchatted a picture of his *ahem* private parts to the whole world. At first he tried to play it off like his phone was hacked, but later he admitted that he just pushed the wrong button in the app. It’s been a rough couple of months for Green, who went from being the Warriors’ media darling to one of the NBA’s greatest villains—first, for kicking several players in their *ahem* “snapchat bits” during the playoffs and then for slapping a Michigan State football player at a restaurant last month.


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