The One With Car Trouble

Today's Rundown


Stop trying to make football on NYE happen. It’s not going to happen. Last year, the College Football Playoffs (CFP) tried to start a new tradition of playing the semifinal games on New Year’s Eve. But kind of like the 2nd season of Serial—no one was on board. The ratings for the semifinal games dropped 40% last year, so now the CFP execs are moving the semifinals games for the 2018, 2019, 2024, and 2025 away from the holidays.  Unfortunately, that means we still have to put up with games on New Year’s Eve this year. 

Seen and Heard


Swimming in a stew of poo.  We’re just 1 week away from the summer Olympics and the water is still polluted and dangerous in Rio. Brazilian health experts have advised that athletes competing in open-water swimming, rowing, sailing, and windsurfing should “keep their mouths closed” to try and avoid contracting rotaviruses and superbacteria in the water. Back in 2009, when Brazil made its bid for the games, it said it would spend $4B to clean up the water, but ultimately they spent only $170M because of the country’s budget crisis. Locals say that the government used the money to clean up big items like sofas and dead bodies floating in the water (reassuring), while they left all the sewage and human excrement.



That sinking feeling.  Earlier this month, Jacksonville Jaguars running back Denard Robinson was found asleep in his car as it was slooowwwly sinking into a retention pond. Police found him and pulled him out of the car the next morning. Now, Robinson is mad that everyone assumes he was on drugs or alcohol. He says he just fell asleep at a stoplight because it was 4am and he was tired duuhhh!  Maybe the weirdest part of the story? Robinson still drives a Chevy Impala.

Hot Read


PGA Championship.  The tournament continues!  After Round 1, Jimmy Walker is in the lead with a 5-under 65, let’s see if he can keep up the good work tomorrow.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the greatest track record; he missed the cut in the past 3 majors. Meanwhile poor Rory McIlroy had a really rough first day, scoring a 4-over par 74 without a single birdie. Check for TV times here.



Wheeling and Dealing.  The MLB Trade Deadline is Monday!  So far we’ve seen P Aroldis Chapman get traded from the New York Yankees to the Chicago Cubs and SS Eduardo Nunez go from the Minnesota Twins to the San Francisco Giants. Stay tuned for next week’s posts to see if there are any last minute trades!