The One Where Cheating Never Wins

Fun Fact of the Day: In last night’s victory over the Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees DH Alex Rodriguez hit his 696th career home run, and his 1st since June 18.

Today's Rundown


It’s probably time to stop cycling through ‘password1’, ‘password2’, ‘password3’…  Former St. Louis Cardinals scouting director Christopher Correa was sentenced to pay $279K in restitution and nearly 4 years in prison for hacking into the Houston Astros’ player database. From 2013-14, Correa accessed the Astros’ scouting info by using old computer passwords from a Cardinals employee who left to work for the Astros. 

When that old magic is gone… The Minnesota Twins fired their general manager Terry Ryan.  Ryan spent 2 different stints with the Twins, totaling 18 seasons. In the early 2000s he led the team to success through smart trades and building a strong farm system. He resigned in 2007, but he came back on board in 2011 when the team needed him again.  Unfortunately, this time around hasn’t been so rosy. The Twins have posted 5 straight losing seasons and Ryan has made a few questionable personnel choices. This season was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back—the Twins have the worst record in the American League and are on pace for 100 losses. 



How ya feeling, buddy?  The Miami Dolphins signed running back Arian Foster to a 1-year deal for the low, low bargain price of $1.5M. Earlier this offseason, the Houston Texans released him after 7 seasons. Why? Foster was one of the best running backs in the game and set a bunch of franchise records for the Texans, but over the past 3 seasons he’s barely played because of back and Achilles injuries. Hopefully, with a little beachside R&R he’ll be able to get back to fighting shape in Miami!

Seen and Heard


New team loyalty. This past NBA Finals, center Anderson Varejao made headlines as the 1st NBA player to play for both teams in the same season. Varejao played nearly 12 years with the Cleveland Cavaliers before they traded him away in February and the Golden State Warriors picked him up. When the Warriors lost the championship, everyone wondered if the Cavs would still give Varejao a championship ring as a nice gesture for all his time with the team. Now, Varejao is saying the Cavs shouldn’t bother because he doesn’t want a pity ring. He probably wants to earn his first bling with his new teammates.  With the Warriors crazy stacked team, he probably won’t have to wait too long…



Oh Brother Where Art Thou?  This week on the “Bachelorette,” JoJo went home with each of the 4 remaining contestants on “home town dates.” Things got super awks when she went home with contestant Jordan Rodgers and met everyone in the fam except big bro Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. The family basically admitted that they have been estranged from Aaron for the past couple of years and they don’t like to talk about it. They didn’t get into the nitty gritty deets (which is all we want!!!), but the family airing out their dirty laundry on TV is probably not helping the relationship with Aaron.