The One with the Last of Deflategate (Hopefully)

Fun Fact of the Day: With a probable 4-game suspension this fall, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady’s 126-game start streak is coming to an end. Brady is the only quarterback to have two separate streaks of starting at least 100 consecutive regular season games.

Today's Rundown


Deflated dreams. The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Patriots QB Tom Brady’s appeal of his 4-game suspension for his involvement in Deflategate. Refresher, please?  Brady was accused of cheating by deflating footballs during the 2015 playoffs. When the NFL tried to suspend him, Tom said, Oh no you didn’t! (*finger wag*), and they spent the past 1.5 years arguing about it in court. With this new decision, it looks like Tom’s going to be sitting on the sidelines when the season starts. Is this finally the end of Deflategate? Tom might still appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, but it’s a serious legal Hail Mary. Who better start practicing?  2nd string QB Jimmy Garoppolo should hit the gym ASAP. He’s only thrown 31 passes over the past 2 seasons as Tom’s backup and he’s never started a game.  

Seen and Heard

Are you not entertained?  Last night was the ESPY awards! It’s the award show where fans get to vote for their favorite athletes and moments in sports from the past year. The show opened with a moving appeal by the NBA’s top athletes calling for social change, following the racially charged violence of the past several weeks. Afterwards, big stars like LeBron James, Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, and Abby Wambach took home the top awards, and TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager was honored for his battle with cancer. Professional wrestler John Cena was the host and he had sharp jabs for everyone, especially NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. But the comedic highlight of the night was this spoof of the Gatorade “Dear Peyton” commercial.

Spotlight on MLB’s 2nd Half

We just passed the MLB All-Star game, which means we’re now halfway through baseball season!  Here is your cheatsheet on what’s happened so far…

Who’s sitting on top of the standings?  The San Francisco Giants! The Giants won the last 3 World Series in even years, and it looks like they are on track for 2016, too. The team’s mainstays P Madison Bumgarner and C Buster Posey are still top performers and the pitchers they added during the offseason have paid off.

Whoa whoa whoa, what happened to the Cubs?  Try to chillax. The Cubs still have the 2nd best record in the league, but things are definitely a bit rougher these days. They just lost 15 of their last 21 games. What’s the problem? They have been in a mega pitching slump, but hopefully stars Jake Arrieta and Jon Lester will be able to right the ship soon.  Don’t look now… if the Cubs can’t get it together, the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates are chomping at the bit to take the division’s top spot.

Who else had a fantastic 1st half of the season?

  • Baltimore Orioles—Despite their shoddy rotation, the Orioles are still killing it thanks to their slugging power.
  • Cleveland Indians—Last month, the Indians won 14 straight games, the longest winning streak in their history, all because of their topnotch starting rotation. What city of sadness? #Believeland
  • Texas Rangers—Even though their pitchers are riddled with injuries, the Rangers have defied all expectations for the season.
  • Washington Nationals—Thanks to new manager Dusty Baker, the Nats are actually gelling and aren’t getting into clubhouse fights anymore. Whoopee! Harmony!

It was fun while it lasted!  After starting the season off strong, both the Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago White Sox have came crashing back down to earth. Whomp whommmp.  Recently, it looks like the N.Y. Mets have joined them, because the formerly best rotation in the league has been getting injured left and right.

But it’s a looong season, folks!  Stay tuned to see how it all shakes out!