The One with a Twitter Hack

Fun Fact of the Day: This is the first time that the 2 top teams in 3-pointers made have met in the NBA Finals. The Golden State Warriors set an NBA record with 1,077 made 3s this season -- no team had ever finished with 1,000 before, and the Cleveland Cavaliers made 880 3-pointers.

Today's Rundown


Baltimore Orioles?  More like Brawltimore Orioles.  Yesterday, Baltimore Orioles SS Manny Machado threw a punch at Kansas City Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura, after Ventura hit him with a 99 mph fastball.  Why’d he plunk him with the ball?  Apparently, Ventura didn’t like the fact that Machado stopped to admire a pretty fly ball that he hit earlier in the game.  Both players were ejected and will probably get suspensions.  The Orioles went on beat the Royals (9-1), who are in the middle of a 6-loss slump.



Hey, we won a soccer game!  The U.S. beat Costa Rica 4-0 last night in the Copa America (psst—it’s the 100th anniversary of the South American soccer tournament, and we were invited to host!).  This was a much-needed rebound after losing to Colombia last weekend.  Who’s happiest about the win? The U.S.’s coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who has received lots and lots of criticism for the team’s recent disappointments and may lose his job if we don’t make it out of the first round of this tournament.  Next up, we face Paraguay this Saturday in another must-win.

Seen and Heard


Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.  This weekend Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib was shot in the leg in a Dallas nightclub.  Now, reports indicate that Talib might have accidentally shot himself, but unfortunately that opens him up to as many as 3 possible Texas crimes for carrying and discharging a weapon in public.  The good news?  The bullet went straight through his leg without hitting any major arteries, so he should be on the mend soon with just a few stitches. 

Time to change your password.  Yesterday, someone hacked the NFL’s Twitter account and tweeted that Commissioner Roger Goodell had died.  Soon after, the NFL deleted the tweet and reassured everyone that the commish was doing just fine, but the pesky hackers managed to send out a couple more tweets before they were kicked off the account.  Goodell’s Wikipedia page was also changed briefly by some New England Patriots sympathizers to say that he died of “deflated lungs.” Hardi har har.



A disgraced swimmer. Last week, former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner was sentenced to 6 months jail-time for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. Turner was convicted of 3 counts of sexual assault for forcing himself upon a woman behind a dumpster outside a fraternity party. There has been growing outrage at Turner’s light sentence, after the victim’s heartfelt and powerful sentencing letter went viral over the weekend. Yesterday, Turner’s father’s sentencing letter supporting his son also went viral, but for all the wrong reasons.  In it, he made a tone-deaf plea for a lighter sentence, by saying that his son no longer eats his favorite foods and arguing that jail time was “a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life.”  The judge seemed to agree, finding that prison would “have a severe impact” on Turner.  Now, folks are signing a petition to recall the elected Santa Clara judge, who doled out the light sentence.

Hot Read


NBA Finals Game 3Golden State Warriors @ Cleveland Cavaliers, the Warriors lead the series 2-0.  The Cavs lost the first 2 games by a combined 48-points, the biggest point differential in NBA Finals history.  Now everyone’s wondering what the Cavs can possibly do to dig themselves out of this hole. 9pm ET on ABC