The One With Another Embarrassing Brexit

Fun Fact of the Day:  Wimbledon rules state that all players must be dressed almost entirely in white. Umpires can ask a player to change if they don’t meet the dress code. For instance, in 2013, Wimbledon champ Roger Federer was told to switch his shoes for his next match because they had orange soles.

Today's Rundown


Brexit Part 2: This time with more football!  Yesterday, England was eliminated from the 2016 Euros by Iceland (2-1)!  ICYMI: Iceland is the smallest country to ever compete in the Euros with a population of only 330,000 (roughly half the size of the state of Vermont). They’ve been shutting down the haters, who say they play “small-minded” football and this Icelandic announcer cannot help but FREAK OUT (again), despite losing his day job. Meanwhile, England will be in search of a new head football coach to go along with their new Prime Minister, because manager Roy Hodgson has resigned. This was the final straw after a series of poor performances for England, including an early group-stage exit from the 2014 World Cup.  The Italian Job.  Meanwhile, Italy eliminated 2x-defending Euro champ Spain yesterday 2-0.  This was Italian payback for losing 4-0 to Spain in the last 2012 Euros.  Now, winners Italy and Iceland will be moving on to the quarterfinals, beginning this Thursday.



Playing his part… and everyone else’s. Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs defeated the Cincinnati Reds (11-8) thanks to Kris Bryant, who became the first player to ever hit 3 homers and 2 doubles in a single game!  Oh, and did we mention he did it while playing 3 different positions? 3B, LF and RF.  When he’s not busy making history, Bryant has been steadily rising up the ranks, going from collegiate player of the year, to minor league player of the year, to MLB Rookie of the Year. Last night, he was the one bright spot for the Cubs, who have been backsliding from their once record-setting pace. Even pitcher Jake Arrieta had an uncharacteristically bad night, allowing 5 runs in 5 innings.

Seen and Heard


Objection!  You’re out of order. One of the lawyers representing former Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel has withdrawn, after accidentally sending an embarrassing and incriminating text to the Associated Press. Apparently, he mistakenly sent the message to a reporter instead of a fellow attorney. In it, he implied that Manziel was seeking a plea deal and said “Heaven help us if one of the conditions is to pee in a bottle.Errr… is there a way to blame autocorrect?  Manziel is facing trial for a misdemeanor assault charge, for allegedly hitting his ex-girlfriend so hard she temporarily lost hearing in one ear. The former Heisman-winning QB’s life has been in free-fall for the last several months, including being dropped by Nike, 2 agents, and the Browns because of his nonstop partying and distracting behavior.



Get ready to practice your “booo.”  SS Jose Reyes was picked up by the N.Y. Mets this weekend, after he was released from the Colorado Rockies roster.  Reyes started his career with the Mets nearly 13-years ago and now they are offering him a big 2nd chance.  Reyes just finished a 51-game suspension for grabbing his wife by the throat and ramming her into a sliding glass door while vacationing in Hawaii. While the charges were dropped because his wife stopped cooperating with police, Reyes was suspended under MLB’s new domestic violence policy. Now many are wondering if the new Mets signing sends the wrong message.

Hot Read


Wimbledon.  OK, so the Brits don’t have a football team to watch in the Euros anymore… at least they have their Tennis!  Check out the early rounds 7am-4:30pm ET on ESPN.



College World Series Finals.  Last night, Arizona beat Coastal Carolina 3-0. Tune into Game 2 tonight to see if Arizona can bring home their 2nd national championship in 5 years. 7pm ET on ESPN.