The One with the End of Dabbing

Fun Fact of the Day:  According to the Personal Capital app, the average NBA player (including rookies and veterans) spends about $42,500 per month or $510,000 a year.  Yowza!

Today's Rundown


The Sharks keep their head above water.  Yesterday, the San Jose Sharks beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-2, to stay alive and play Game 6 back in San Jose. The Penguins lead the series 3-2. The Penguins outplayed the Sharks most of the night scoring 46 shots on goal compared to the Sharks’ 22.  But the Sharks were able to take home the win thanks to their super calm goalie and save-machine Martin Jones.  This is the first time that the Sharks franchise has ever made it to the Stanley Cup finals and they don’t want it to end quite yet.



Both of you need a time out. Yesterday, MLB doled out a 4-game suspension for Baltimore Orioles SS Manny Machado and a 9-game suspension for Kansas City Royals P Yordano Ventura. Both of them are appealing. Context, please?  It all started when Ventura didn’t like that Machado stopped to admire a pretty fly ball that he hit, and he and Machado exchanged some words. Afterwards Ventura hit him with a 99 mph fastball and Machado charged the mound throwing a punch at Ventura.  Machado said he was just defending himself against Ventura who some say, “might have a circuit board off balance.”  While it looks like Ventura is getting the harsher penalty, as a pitcher, this 9-game suspension actually only pushes him back 2 starts to Machado’s 4.  Some folks think that MLB should be even harsher on pitchers that hit batters with fastballs before someone gets seriously hurt.

Draft Day! This year’s MLB draft was completely unpredictable because it was deep in talent, but had no superstar standouts.  The Philadelphia Phillies ended up taking CF Mickey Moniak #1, straight out of prep school. Getting prospects when they’re young is high-risk, high-reward, because (just like Zack Morris) these kids could have peaked in high school.  Many young prospects never make their way up to the majors through the minor league farm system.  But the Phillies weren’t the only ones betting on Generation Z, the 34-first round picks were split evenly between college players and high schoolers.

Seen and Heard


Growing pains.  Yesterday, 14-time Grand Slam title winner Rafael Nadal announced that he will not compete in Wimbledon, which starts in a little over 2 weeks.  He has been suffering from severe wrist pain, which also caused him to drop out of the French Open 2 weeks ago.  Get well soon, Rafa!



That was so 2015…  Reigning league MVP and Panthers QB Cam Newton has announced he’s eliminating the dab from his touchdown dance next season.  He’s still working out the kinks in next year’s moves, but we have no doubt that the choreographing will be on fleek, as per usual. 

Hot Read


NBA Finals Game 4—Golden State Warriors @ Cleveland Cavaliers.  The Warriors lead the series 2-1, but the Cavs proved that they’re still in this thing by trouncing the Warriors with a 30-point victory in Game 3.  Will the Cavs start Kevin Love, who is coming back from a concussion, or if they stick with old-timer Richard Jefferson like they did in their last win?  Will the Warriors’ Steph Curry quit his disappearing act and show us why he’s the league MVP?  Tune in tonight to find out, Friday 9pm ET on ABC.



Stanley Cup Finals Game 6Pittsburgh Penguins @ San Jose Sharks, the Penguins lead the series 3-2.  Can the Sharks tie this up or will they be sent packing? Sunday 8pm ET on NBC



Copa America Centenario—USA v. Paraguay.  The U.S. must win this match to move on to the next round!  Saturday 7pm ET on Fox Sports 1.



Belmont Stakes.  Let’s see if Exaggerator can repeat after winning the rainy Preakness Stakes.  Unfortunately, Kentucky Derby winner and Preakness runner-up Nyquist is sitting this one out with a fever and elevated white blood cell count.  Saturday 6:37pm ET on NBC.