The One with the Warriors on the Brink of Elimination

Fun Fact of the Day:  Red Sox center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr.’s hitting streak is now at 28 games!  That’s pretty impressive, but he’s only halfway to Joe DiMaggio’s record 56-game hitting streak set all the way back in 1941.

Today's Rundown


What happened to those record-setting Warriors?  Last night the Oklahoma City Thunder trounced the Golden State Warriors (118-94) to lead the series 3-1. Russell Westbrook led the Thunder with his 1st triple-double of the playoffs, after a record-high 18 in the regular season.  The Warriors had a baaad night.  After the game, reporters kept asking Steph Curry if he was hurt (he wasn’t), and Draymond Green, who controversially played the game after kicking Thunder center Steven Adams in his nether-regions in Game 3, might as well have sat out because he had only 6 points and 6 turnovers. Whomp whomp. The Warriors are now in a must-win situation for Game 5.  The good news:  They head back home to Oakland, where they have lost only 4 games all year.



And we’re on to Game 7!  The Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Tampa Bay Lightning (5-2) to tie up the series 3-3.  Penguins Captain Sidney Crosby led the charge with both a goal and an assist.  After starting goalie Marc-Andre Fleury for their Game 5 overtime loss, the Penguins decided to go back to starting rookie Matt Murray for last night’s game.  Murray finished with a cool 28 saves. 



A tale of two pitchers.  The Washington Nationals beat the N.Y. Mets last night 7-4.  Nationals P Stephen Strasburg has now won all of his 8 starts, while Mets P Matt Harvey has been looking like a shell of the pitcher he used to be, with a 3-7 record this season. Last night, he let in 3 homers, tying a career high and bringing his ERA up to an abysmal 6.08. But, I gave you a way out. Harvey had the option to skip this game after a terrible performance against the Nationals last week, but he insisted on playing because he said he’s “no quitter.”

Spotlight on Draymond Green

With all the hubbub surrounding Warriors star Draymond Green and “kick-gate,” we thought it was a good time to spotlight the man behind the controversy.

What’s his game?  Draymond is one of the most well-rounded players on the court.  Even though he’s listed as a power forward, he frequently plays center for the Warriors in their small-ball (aka “death”) lineup. This gives the Warriors a serious advantage because Draymond is one of the best defenders in the game and offensively he’s faster and more agile than the typical center. 

Need a hand?  Draymond also makes his teammates better. With him on the court, the Warriors outscored opponents by 1,070 points this season, which is the best plus/minus of any player in the last 20 seasons. He averaged 7.4 assists per game during the regular season (7th in the NBA), which was better than superstar teammate and point guard Steph Curry.

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.  Draymond is notorious for being the best trash-talker in the NBA, but he might not even be the best trash-talker in his family. Way back when Draymond was playing in youth leagues, his mom was known as “The Heckler” and was kicked out of several games. Ever since his Michigan State days, she’s been live-tweeting his games and Draymond even tried to delete her account because he thought she had no filter.

He’s careful with his money. Unlike a lot of NBA stars that go bankrupt later in life, Draymond has been careful with his cash.  He lived in an affordable apartment in the San Francisco suburb of Emeryville until very recently.  He credits his tough childhood, including getting his utilities turned off and house foreclosed upon.

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