The One Where We Head to the Masters

Fun Fact of the DayColorado Rockies rookie Trevor Story has started his pro career off with a bang.  He’s the first player since 1900 to start his career off with home runs in his each of his first 3 games.

Today's Rundown


Losing begets more losing… Philadelphia 76ers GM Sam Hinkie resigned yesterday.  Hinkie was widely criticized for implementing the 76ers tanking strategy called “The Process,” in which he intentionally traded away the team’s older, most productive players to create a worse team. Why?  Every year the NBA teams with the worst records get a better chance at picking best college basketball players in the NBA draft.  Hinkie’s plan was to hoard draft picks to eventually get a superstar savior that he will build the team around.  So far not so good.  The 76ers have had a league-worst 47-195 record since Hinkie came on board in 2013.  



Hi-Jinkis.  UEFA (European football’s administrative body) was searched in connection with the Panama Papers scandal.  Something smells fishy… The Papers show that UEFA sold broadcast rights to a company called Cross Trading, which immediately resold them for 3x as much. Cross Trading is owned by businessman Hugo Jinkis, who was indicted last year for money laundering and bribery.  We’re clean!  Gianni Infantino (the new President of FIFA) was linked to the contract as the director of legal services for UEFA at the time.  He said that UEFA did nothing wrong and he welcomes the investigation.  This could be bad news for Infantino, who ran for FIFA president on a platform of cleaning up football’s corruption.

Spotlight on the Masters

Get ready to break out your polo… the Masters start today and continue through the weekend.  Here’s what you need to know:

This isn’t your grandfather’s game… Lately, golf is all about hot young talent, with its 3 biggest stars all under the age of 30.  Who are they?

  • Aussie Jason Day is the favorite to win the Masters this year, because he’s coming in hot!  He’s already won the Arnold Palmer Invitational and Match Play Championship this year.
  • Jordan Spieth won the Masters last year and came in 2nd in 2014.  He’s been in a little bit of a funk coming into this tournament, but he’s done great in Augusta in the past, so don’t count him out yet.
  • Irishman Rory McIlroy has won more majors than Jason and Jordan combined.  Now he’s looking to win his first Masters to complete his career Grand SlamAnd he’s focused.  This year he even decided to skip the Masters Par-3 Contest, calling it a "hassle" and a "distraction."  

Age before beauty.  Folks are watching out for Hall of Famer Phil “Lefty” Mickelson, who already has 3 green jackets hanging in his closet.  At age 45, this could be one of last chances to win and he’s been playing really well recently.

Who’s missing?  Tiger Woods went to the Masters Champions Dinner before the Tournament, but he won’t be playing because he is recovering from 2 back surgeriesOut for the count?  It’s hard to believe but Tiger is 40 years old and hasn’t won a major since 2008.  Hopefully with some R&R he’s able to get back in the game soon. 

Seen and Heard


All worked up.  7 New England Patriots fans are suing Commissioner Roger Goodell and team owner Robert Kraft for fraud, negligence, and intentional inflection of emotional distressWhat’s got them so distressed?  Deflategate, of course (psst—that was when the Pats were accused of deflating footballs in last year’s playoffs). The fans want their beloved Pats to get back their first-round NFL draft pick that was taken as punishment.

Hot Read


Golden State Warriors v. San Antonio Spurs—The Warriors have to win all of their last 4 games to beat the Chicago Bulls record 72-10 season.  Tonight’s game against the Spurs could be a huge challenge, if the Spurs’ put in their best playersMany think Spurs famed coach Gregg Popovich will rest the team’s starters so that they are at their peak performance for the playoffs.  Pop’s not saying a word.  You’ll just have to tune in to the game find out!  10:30pm ET, TNT.



Fore!  Tune into Round 1 of the Masters, which begins today!