The One Where The Pressure Is On

Fun Fact of the Day:  The UConn women’s basketball team were 26.5-point favorites to defeat Syracuse in the national championship.  Seem extreme?  Not really, the Huskies were blowing out opponents by an average of 41.6 points per game in this year’s tournament.  SPOILER ALERT:  They covered the spread.

Today's Rundown


Save Our Season!  Last night the Golden State Warriors lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves (124-117) in overtime.  The Timberwolves have long been eliminated from the playoffs, but they had a chance of spoiling the Warriors historic season and they took it.  Now the Warriors need to win all of their last 4 games to beat the 72-10 record set by the ‘95-96 Chicago Bulls.  Can they do it?!  Hard to say—2 of their remaining games are against the San Antonio Spurs who are their biggest competition in the West.



The Coach with the Most.  As expected, the UConn women defeated Syracuse (82-51) last night for their 4th straight national championship.  This makes a total of 11 championships for coach Geno Auriemma, who has now passed John Wooden for the most championship wins by a college basketball coach. Senior Breanna “Stewie” Stewart was also named Most Outstanding Player for the 4th time in a row.  Who would of guessed?  Stewie.  When she first got to UConn, she said her goal was to win 4 national championships.  Done and done and done and done.



Sliding’s for suckers.  Last night Tampa Bay Rays beat the Toronto Blue Jays (3-2) thanks to baseball’s new Chase Utley rule.  What’s that?  The rule says that a baserunner cannot interfere with/slide into the infielder to avoid getting out.  Last night, Blue Jays RF Jose Bautista slid into second base and grabbed Rays 2B Logan Forsythe ankle with his left hand, which took 2 runs off the board and gave the game to the Rays.

A wintery mix. Yesterday, Opening Day fun continued with 2 games that were delayed because of freezing weather on Monday.  Here are your highlights from the belated games:

Spotlight on Greg Hardy

On Monday, NFL defensive end Greg Hardy made headlines again and not for the right reasons. 

Who is he again?  Hardy played for the Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys, he currently holds the Panther’s record for most sacks in a single season (15).

But perhaps he’s better known for… an assault allegation from 2014. Ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder accused Hardy of threatening her life, throwing her against a bathroom wall, and tossing her onto a futon covered with assault rifles.  Numerous bruises all over her body seemed to corroborate her story.  Hardy was found guilty in a bench trial, but the charges were dropped on appeal when Holder stopped cooperating with authorities.  Related to the incident, Hardy had to sit out a 4-game suspension from the NFL.

More questions than answers.  In an interview with ESPN this week, Hardy denied laying a hand on Holder.  But when he was asked to explain what happened, he stopped short of saying that he wasn’t responsible for her injuries: “Saying I did nothing wrong is a stretch, but saying I'm innocent is correct, sir."

Why is he talking now?  Hardy is a free agent.  Just like his murky answers; it is unclear whether this interview will help him find a new team. 

Seen and Heard


The NFL’s all a’Twitter… This upcoming football season if you don't have cable, you can still catch the NFL’s Thursday Night games on Twitter.  Twitter beat out Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon and Verizon for the streaming rights.  Even though Twitter didn’t have the highest bid, the NFL chose their platform because of their youthful cord-cutting audience.



Will you still do my laundry?  Los Angeles Angels CF Mike Trout has finally moved out of his parents’ house!  The quiet 24-year-old is many things including a 4x All Star, 4x Silver Slugger, and 2014 American League MVP…  now he can finally add homeowner to the list.  What’s for dinner?  Don’t worry Mr. and Mrs. Trout you’ll still see plenty of Mike because he’s only moved a few minutes away into a peaceful house nearby with a big 300-acre lot.