The One Where We Hope We Get Drafted, Pretty Please

Fun Fact of the Day: In the first 21 games of the season, the Atlanta Braves have a 4-17 record.  That’s their worst start to a season in franchise history.  Whomp whomp.

Today's Rundown

NBA: Round 1 of the NBA playoffs roll on.   

No Curry, no problem.  Last night, the Golden State Warriors handily defeated the Houston Rockets (114-81) to advance to Round 2 of the playoffs!  They were able to take care of business even without superstar point guard and reigning league MVP Steph Curry, who is sidelined with a sprained MCL.  Who’s up next on the chopping block?  In Round 2, the Warriors will face the winner of the Portland Trail Blazers / L.A. Clippers series.  After last night’s win, the Trail Blazers are up 3-2 on the depleted Clips team that is missing stars Blake Griffin and Chris Paul to season-ending injuries.  Who else had a good night?  The Charlotte Hornets narrowly beat out the Miami Heat on the road (90-88).  This is the Hornets’ 3rd straight win to take the lead in the series 3-2.


NHL: Round 2 begins. 

Ducks fall prey to the Predators.  Last night, the Nashville Predators beat the Anaheim Ducks (2-1) to win the series and advance to Round 2 of the playoffs!  That underdog role suits you.  They will continue their uphill battle against the San Jose Sharks in the next round.   What took you so long?  Meanwhile, the N.Y. Islanders beat the Tampa Bay Lightning last night (5-3) to take home the first win of the 2nd round.  It was an off-night for the Lightning’s goalie Ben Bishop, who is usually one of the best in the league but was pulled halfway through the 2nd period for letting in 4 goals.



Better call Saul.  In leg 1 of the UEFA Champions League semifinals, Atletico Madrid defeated Bayern Munich 1-0, thanks to a ridiculous goal by 21-year-old up-and-comer Saul Niguez.  Niguez dribbled through 4 defenders to score over Bayern. The teams will meet again for leg 2 next week. (Psst—the Champion’s League is one of the most prestigious soccer tournaments in the world and it is played annually between 32 qualifying European teams).

Spotlight on the NFL Draft

The 1st round of the NFL draft starts tonight!  It’s like picking teams for gym class but turned up 1,000 notches. NFL prospects dress in their trendiest threads and bring their moms as dates.  With 7 rounds of the draft in total there is waaaay too much to keep track of, but here are a couple things to know about this year’s draft.

It’s all about the QBs, baby.  The L.A. Rams and Philadelphia Eagles gave away the farm to get to the top of the draft pecking order.  They are both hoping to find that mystical franchise quarterback unicorn.  Are you the savior I’m looking for?  The draft’s 2 top prospects are Cal’s Jared Goff and North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz, but even they have holes in their game.  Many fans speculate that this draft has light QB talent, so hopefully the top draft picks were worth the heavy price.

Where is all the talent hiding?  On defense.  This year’s class of defensive linemen is flush with talent, including Oregon’s DeForest Buckner and Ohio State’s Joey Bosa.

Hey, he was in my psych class… and him… and him…  Students from Ohio State are going to see a lot of familiar faces.  They have 5 players that were invited to attend the 1st round of the draft and are expected to have as many as 15 players drafted in total.  Bosa and running back Ezekiel Elliott are projected to be top 10 picks.



Sir Sweats-A-Lot. L.A. Lakers legend Kobe Bryant retired 2 weeks ago, but he’s been finding ways to keep himself busy.  Yesterday, on Ellen DeGeneres’s TV show, Kobe pranked a doctor by telling her that he has a profuse sweating problem.  If you have 6 minutes to watch him describe the sweating in graphic detail and dance around to try and demonstrate it, it’s worth it.

Hot Read


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