The One Where Bigots Get the Boot

Fun Fact of the Day:  LeBron James’ teams have been up 2-0 in a postseason series 15 times.  His team won all 15 of those series.

Today's Rundown


Round 1 of the NBA playoffs roll on.  All the victors of last night’s games are now up 2-0 in their series!  Here are the highlights:

  • The Miami Heat beat the Charlotte Hornets (115-103) to lead the series 2-0.  The Heat were on a scoring spree, including 10 consecutive made-shots in the second quarter.  
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Detroit Pistons (107-90) to lead the series 2-0.  The Cavs made a playoff record-tying 20 3-pointers!  
  • The Los Angeles Clippers beat the Portland Trail Blazers (102-81) to lead the series 2-0.  The Clippers bench played like gangbusters, putting up 43 of the team’s points and playing great defense. 



Round 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs action continues.  Now several teams are up 3-1 in their series.  Here are your highlights from last night’s games:

  • The Philadelphia Flyers beat the Washington Capitals (2-1) to avoid being swept, but the Caps still lead the series 3-1.  Flyers forward Pierre-Edouard Bellemare was suspended for the game because of an ugly hit to Caps Dmitry Orlov during game 3.  A fright on the ice.  Flyers forward Scott Laughton collided with a Caps defensemen in the first period and needed to be removed from the ice on a stretcher.  He appeared to be talking and moving his arms and legs.
  • The Dallas Stars beat the Minnesota Wild (3-2) to lead the series 3-1.  The Stars took the lead in the 2nd period with a shot that bounced off Jason Spezza’s skate and into the goal.  
  • The San Jose Sharks beat the L.A. Kings (3-2) to lead the series 3-1.  But the Sharks can’t relax just yet, they blew a 3-0 series lead to the Kings in the first round 2 years ago.  
  • The Florida Panthers beat the New York Islanders (2-1) to tie up the series 2-2.  Panthers’ 44-year-old Jaromir Jagr had an assist for his 200th career playoff point

Seen and Heard


Time for a makeover.  Yesterday, the Minnesota Timberwolves hired new coach / prez of basketball operations Tom Thibodeau (psst—it’s pronounced Tib–id-oh).  Thibodeau has a long history of working in basketball, including his first assistant coaching job for the Timberwolves back in 1989.  His last gig was as head coach of the Chicago Bulls, but he was fired last year for clashing with management.  The change we need?  The Timberwolves have missed the playoffs for 12 straight seasons—the NBA’s longest active drought.  They’re hoping Thibodeau can build upon the potential in their young talented team that includes Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins, and Zach LaVine.



Too rich for my blood!  Yesterday, the Carolina Panthers rescinded cornerback Josh Norman’s franchise tag, making him a free agent (psst—the franchise tag is when a team signs a player for an extra year but must pay him a certain amount of $$$ based on his position).  It all comes down to that cold hard cash.  The 2 sides were hoping to come to a long-term agreement, but the Panthers were only willing to offer a measly $11M and Norman demanded top dollar as one of the best corners in the game last year.  Now, Norman is looking for a new home and teams are already chomping at the bit to get him.



Bigot --> Big out.  Former pitcher turned baseball analyst Curt Schilling was fired yesterday from ESPN for “unacceptable” conduct.  He had posted an offensive meme on social media in support of the North Carolina’s law banning transgender people from using public restrooms.  Not the first strike.  In the past, he was suspended for a tweet comparing the Muslim community to Nazis.

Spotlight on another big trade leading up to the NFL Draft

The NFL draft is just a week away and teams are getting ready to make their picks!  Yesterday, there was a big shakeup at the top of the draft, when the Cleveland Browns traded their #2 pick to the Philadelphia Eagles.  In exchange, the Eagles traded away 3 picks in this year’s draft and 2 in future years.

Why the move?  For the past few months, the Eagles have been wheeling and dealing their draft picks to get to the top of the draft pecking order.  Now, with their #2 pick, they will get one of the top 2 QB prospects:  either North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz or Cal’s Jared Goff.  Which QB is sloppy seconds?  Both are highly-touted, but the L.A. Rams will pick first (they traded away a small fortune for the #1 pick) and rumor has it they are leaning towards Jared Goff.

Hey, don’t the Eagles already have a QB?  Yep, Sam Bradford and the Eagles already paid him a pretty penny, $35M for the next 2 years.  So far, the Eagles say he will continue to be their starter this season.

Who is happy as a clam about this deal?  QB Robert Griffin III, who was acquired by Cleveland a few weeks ago.  Without the top draft pick, he’s probably got some job security as the team’s starting QB.  Instead, the Browns are going to use all their extra picks to try to fill in all the other holes in their game.

Hot Read


The NBA playoffs continue!  Here’s your programming guide for tonight’s games:

  • Oklahoma City Thunder @ Dallas—the series is tied 1-1, 7pm TNT
  • Toronto Raptors @ Indiana Pacers—the series is tied 1-1, 7:30pm NBATV
  • Golden State Warriors @ Houston Rockets—the Warriors lead the series 2-0. Steph Curry is still questionable with an ankle injury. 9:30pm TNT



The Stanley Cup Playoffs continue! Check out these playoff games tonight!  Need to fake a hockey conversation in a hurry?  We’ve got you covered with our Stanley Cup Playoffs Survival Guide.

  • Pittsburgh Penguins @ N.Y. Rangers—the Penguins lead the series 2-1, 7pm CNBC
  • Detroit Red Wings @ Tampa Bay Lightning—the Lightning lead the series 3-1, 7pm ET NBCSN
  • Anaheim Ducks @ Nashville Predators—the Predators lead the series 2-1, 8pm ET NHLN
  • Chicago Blackhawks @ St. Louis—the Blues lead the series 3-1. The Blackhawks will miss forward Andrew Shaw, who was suspended 1 game for using an anti-gay slur during the Blackhawk’s game 4 loss.  He has since apologized to the gay and lesbian community, saying that his emotions got the best of him and he will never use the word again.  9:30pm ET NBCSN.