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Fun Fact of the Day: Yesterday, in the WNBA draft, the top 3 picks were all from the same school:  UConn.  That has never happened before in any major sport.

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More Game 1 results are in!  The first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs continued yesterday!  Here is your cheatsheet on what went down:



Baseball is in full swing.  Here are your highlights:



A numbers game.  Yesterday, the Tennessee Titans traded their #1 NFL draft pick to the to L.A. Rams. In exchange, the Rams gave up 4 picks in this year’s draft and 2 picks in next year’s draft.  Are you sure about this?  The Titans are hoping to build a deep team from the new talent pool.  The Rams are really desperate for a quarterback.  Now with the pick of the litter, they can choose between the top 2 QB prospects: either Cal’s Jared Goff or North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz.  Which team made out like a bandit?  Most people think that this was a great trade for the Titans because of the number of picks that the Rams had to give up.  Plus the Rams are gambling that they will be able to select a franchise QB they can build the team around, when this is a relatively weak draft year.  Only time will tell.



You’re fired.  The NBA’s regular season just ended, so you know what that means…  Coaches that didn’t make the playoffs were told to pack their things and go.  As rumored, Sacramento Kings coach George Karl was given his pink slip, as well as Washington Wizards coach Randy Wittman



Want to fight it out?  Now you can! The sport of MMA was legalized yesterday in New York—the last state in the U.S. where it was illegal.   Yesterday’s bill ended New York’s nearly 20-year ban.

Spotlight on the ’15-16 Warriors v. ’95-96 Bulls Great Debate

Now that the Golden State Warriors have surpassed the ’95-’96 Bulls record season, everyone and their mom is debating which team would win if they were to hypothetically play one anotherCue the smack talk.  Two weeks ago, Scottie Pippen said that his ‘95-‘96 Bulls would not only beat this year’s Warriors but they would sweep them in a playoff series.  Here’s your cheatsheet on what know about the two teams:

Both teams had star power.  The Warriors are led by Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and reigning MVP Steph Curry.  The Bulls had Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and #23 himself—Michael Jordan.  The teams have one common denominator:  Steve Kerr, who played for the Bulls and is now coaching the Warriors.

Who could really get those points?  The Bulls scored fewer points a game: 105.2 versus the Warriors’ 114.8.  One reason for the difference is that the pace of the game has sped up over the past 20 years.  The Bulls averaged 91.1 possessions a game versus the Warriors’ 99.3 per game.

3 > 2.  The other big shift in the game is that 3-pointers are much more popular now than they used to be.  Both teams had similar 3-pt percentages: 40.3% for the Bulls and 41.5% for the Warriors, but this Warriors team attempted nearly double the number of 3-pt shots that the Bulls did.

Which team played better defense?  This one probably goes to the Bulls. Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman were all first team defensive players.  Rodman in particular was known for being a monster rebounder.  Overall, the Bulls allowed only 92.9 points per game compared to the Warriors’ 104.1.

So which one was better?  Most people say that it all comes down to whether the Warriors can win the championship this year.  The Bulls won the championship in their remarkable 72-game season, as well as the next 2 seasons. So some haters may even say that the Warriors need to not only win this championship, but the next one, too!

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