The One Where Big Papi Is A Big Papa

Fun Fact of the Day:  The Golden State Warriors will be the first team in NBA history to go an entire season without losing back-to-back games.

Today's Rundown


Playoff picture nearly complete.  The end of the NBA’s regular season is tomorrow and the playoff contenders are nearly locked in.  Last night, the Cleveland Cavaliers clinched the #1 seed in the East by defeating the Atlanta Hawks (109-94).  Meanwhile in the West, the Dallas Mavericks clinched a playoff berth by defeating the Utah Jazz (101-92).   Now, the Jazz and the Houston Rockets are the last two teams duking it out for the final spot in the West—it will all come down to their last games tomorrow night! 



The Baltimore Orioles defeated the Boston Red Sox (9-7) last night.  The Orioles’ Chris Davis hit a 3-run homer at the top of the 9th inning to help bring home the team’s 6th victory; they are the last undefeated team standing since the season opened last week.  Last night was also the last home opener for Red Sox DH David “Big Papi” Ortiz, who is retiring at the end of this season.  He got all the feels when his daughter surprised him by singing the national anthem at the start of the game.  

The Chicago Cubs defeated the Cincinnati Reds (5-3) last night in their home opener, as well.  Reds starter Brandon Finnegan held the Cubs hitless for most of the night, but the Cubs grinded it out picking up walks. The Cubs changed the momentum with a 3-run homer by Cubs Addison Russell in the 8th inning against Reds reliever Jumbo Diaz.  Sweet new digs.  The Cubs got to celebrate their win in their revamped home stadium.  



Farewell to a Philly sports great.  Yesterday, Ed Snider the founder of the Philadelphia Flyers and one-time owner of the Philadelphia 76ers passed away after a two-year battle with cancer.  He was able to see his beloved Flyers clinch a Stanley Cup playoff spot this past weekend, and they dedicated their playoff push to Snider.

Seen and Heard


One bad apple… It turns out that troubled QB Johnny Manziel is not living with Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller as he earlier claimed.   Instead, he has been rooming with former Cleveland Browns teammate Josh Gordon.  Two peas in a pod.  Manziel was dropped by the Browns earlier this off-season, in large part because of his distracting partying antics. After leading the league in receiving yards in 2013, Gordon served a year-long suspension for repeated violations of the drug use policy.  He’s currently seeking reinstatement to the NFL, but things don’t look good. Gordon just tested positive again for marijuana last month.



Some tweaks to the game.  This past week the NCAA announced a few changes to college football: (1) For the next 3 years there will be no new bowl games because last year too many teams with losing-records were still selected to play; (2) No teams can hold satellite camps for practice—this issue was brought to the limelight when Michigan’s head coach Jim Harbaugh held practices in Florida over Spring Break; and (3) Coaches will now be able to text prospective high school recruitsOhio State coach Urban Meyer has been very vocal in opposing this change, because he says that many recruits will be overwhelmed with texts and will not be able to block unwanted numbers.



You don’t mess with Iggy.  Last month, the internet caught fire when rookie and rising L.A. Lakers star D’Angelo Russell accidentally leaked a video of teammate Nick “Swaggy P” Young talking about cheating on his fiancé, rapper Iggy Izalea. Russell suffered intense backlash from teammates and fans for breaking the bro code.  Who cares about the bro code?  Not, Iggy.  Bro code be damned.  Yesterday, she told a radio show that she would—let’s just say—seriously injure Young if she ever caught him cheating.