The One With #EqualPayforEqualPlay

Fun Fact of the Day:  On this day in 1985, Villanova beat Georgetown to win their only NCAA basketball championship!

Today's Rundown


Even the playing field!  5 of the biggest stars in women’s soccer have filed an action with the EEOC against the U.S. Soccer Federation alleging wage discriminationWay less than 79 cents / dollar… Last year, women’s soccer players were paid nearly 4x less than their male counterparts, while they generated $20M more revenue.  On top of that, the women have had to deal with poor field quality and travel accommodations.  To the victors don’t go the spoils…  Our women’s team has won 3 World Cup titles and 4 Olympic gold medals, meanwhile our men’s under-23 team hasn’t qualified for 2 straight Olympics. Not so fast…  U.S. Soccer says they want to play ball and negotiate but they want to point out that during 2015 the women won the World Cup, which is why the ladies made more revenue.  Most of the time the men’s game still generates more TV ratings and ticket sales.  To be continued…

Spotlight on MLB Opening Day  

The sun is shining, flowers are blossoming, and birds are chirping.  That can only mean one thing… it’s baseball season, folks!

Opening Day starts this Sunday!  Feeling woefully unprepared?  You don’t have to quietly stuff your face with peanuts and Cracker Jack at the game.  We’ve got you covered with 8 major storylines to watch this season.  

Seen and Heard

An early April Fool’s Joke?  On Selection Sunday a few weeks ago, South Carolina was mistakenly told that they were invited into the Big Dance.  A NCAA staffer accidentally sent a message to the wrong USC (Southern California made it into the tournament), while using the NCAA’s new messaging app.  They were not laughing.

Hot Read

Caught Spring Fever?  We’ve got the cure.  Here’s your weekend schedule of games to watch… 


The Final Four is this weekend.  Find out which 2 teams will make it to the Championship game on Monday night!  Don’t have a clue what you’re watching?  Check out our team summaries.

  • #2 Villanova v. #2 Oklahoma, Saturday 6:09pm ET
  • #1 UNC v. #10 Syracuse, Saturday 8:49pm ET



Opening Day gets kicked off with 3 games this Sunday.  All the other teams will get their start on Monday or Tuesday.

  • Kansas City Royals v. N.Y. Mets, Sunday 8:30pm ET
  • Pittsburgh Pirates v. St. Louis Cardinals, Sunday 1pm ET
  • Tampa Bay Rays v. Toronto Blue Jays, Sunday 4:05pm ET


We’ll tell you how the big games turned out on Monday!