The One Where We Make No Sense Whatsoever

Fun Fact of the Day: Yesterday, Lionel Messi scored a hat trick for Barcelona to help them stay unbeaten for 35 consecutive games.  They now have the longest streak by a Spanish club!

Today's Rundown


Another record.  The Golden State Warriors beat the Oklahoma City Thunder last night (121-106) to tie the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls record for 44 consecutive wins at home!  Splash brothers Steph Curry and Klay Thompson weren’t even hot from 3-pt range, yet they still took home the victory.  Unstoppable?  No one has been beating the Warriors, but folks thought the Thunder could be a threat because of stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.  Unfortunately, the Thunder have been in a slump, losing 6 of 8 games since the All Star break.  KD wants them to get it together and stop fooling themselves.



Goodbye my old friend… Over the past couple of days, teams dropped some of their veteran players, including Roddy White (Atlanta Falcons wide receiver) and Arian Foster (Houston Texans running back), and Charles Johnson (Carolina Panthers defensive end).  Why’d they get the boot?  These players were awesome back in their heyday but now they are old, injury-prone, and expensive.  And by old, we mean “NFL old” or like 30, so they may be able to find homes on other teams.  Fingers crossed!

Spotlight on Oregon

Oregon’s secured a share of the Pac-12 regular season title for the first time since 2002!  Here’s our spotlight so you know what to watch for in their game against USC this Saturday and as you fill out your bracket next week!

What are their strengths?  Oregon is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades.  They are dominant at scoring in the paint and are great ball-handlers with some of the fewest turnovers in the Pac-12.  They also have the most steals and blocks in their conference.  More good news?  Oregon won all of its home games this season (18-0) and they had the nation’s 3rd hardest strength of schedule.

What are their weaknesses?  Hey are not great at defensive rebounding, so their opponents get a lot of second chance points.

Who should I watch out for? The team’s leading scorers are Dillon Brooks, Elgin Cook, and Tyler Dorsey. Also watch out for Chris Boucher, who is the team’s big man.  He leads the team in rebounding and has blocked the most shots in the Pac-12.

Seen and Heard

Can you hear me now? It’s been over a year since Deflategate, so here’s your refresher: New England Patriots’ QB Tom Brady was accused of cheating by deflating footballs during the playoffs. The NFL tried to suspend him for 4 games for his involvement, but Tom said, Nuh-uhh!  They spent the past year arguing about it in court.  Yesterday, the case made it up to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals and the judges were not swayed by Tom’s chiseled good looksThey asked a lot of questions about why he broke his cell phone that may have contained incriminating texts.  Tom’s excuse?  He destroys all his cell phones…  The Judges’ reaction?  That makes “no sense whatsoever.”  And the Deflategate saga continues… stay tuned to see what the court decides.

Big mistake.  Huge.  A lot of the Seattle Seahawks are trying their hands at new ventures, including safety Kam Chancellor.  Earlier this week he was looking at locations for opening his own gym.  He went to check out a building after hours, and the 2 women at the front desk wouldn’t let him in and instead called the cops… Spoiler Alert: that location is off the list.

Hot Read

Heyoooo!  It’s the weekend. Don’t have plans? We’ve got your schedule all mapped out.


This is the last weekend of the regular season, so teams will be trying to get the best seeding for their conference tournaments next week!  These are the big games to watch:

  • #8 UNC @ #17 Duke Watch UNC seek revenge!  Saturday 6:30pm
  • #11 Louisville v. #4 UVA – Saturday 8:30pm
  • #21 Iowa State @ #1 Kansas – Saturday 4pm
  • #10 WVU @ #19 Baylor - Saturday 2pm
  • LSU @ #22 Kentucky – Saturday 2pm
  • #14 Maryland @ #12 Indiana – Sunday 4pm


  • NY Rangers @ Washington Capitals – Friday 7pm
  • Anaheim Ducks @ Los Angeles Kings – Saturday 4pm
  • NY Islanders @ NY Rangers – Sunday 5pm