The One With A Big Snitch

Fun Fact of the Day:  Reigning NBA MVP Steph Curry is making $11.4M this year, behind 4 of his teammates on the Golden State WarriorsWhat a steal!

Today's Rundown


Big props to a big baller.  Former Houston Rockets star Yao Ming will be inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame this weekend. Why do I know that name?  After playing in the Chinese Basketball Association, Ming was the 1st pick in the 2002 NBA draft and became an 8-time NBA All Star.  He’s known for popularizing the NBA in China and being hella tall (he’s 7’6”). Ultimately, he retired after just 8 seasons because of foot and ankle injuries.  Who else is getting into the Hall?  The rest of the Hall of Famers will be announced over the weekend.  Other finalists include superstars Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson.



A slap in the faceYesterday, Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith had a hearing with the NHL.  Why?  During Tuesday night’s game, he viciously slashed Minnesota Wild forward Charlie Coyle in the face with his stick.  This isn’t the first strike for Keith, so he’s likely to get a multiple-game suspension.  That isn’t good news for the Blackhawks because they are just 5 games away from the playoffs.  Will they miss him?  You betcha.  Keith has been a part of 3 of their Stanley Cup wins and even won the Conn Smythe Trophy last year by a unanimous vote (psst- it’s given to the MVP of the playoffs).

Spotlight on the Golden State Warriors

The NBA playoffs are just a few short weeks away!  Here’s your cheat sheet on the reigning champs and most dominant team in basketball today. 

What’s that record they’re working on?  The Warriors have won 68 games so far this season.  They have to win 5 out of their last 7 games to beat the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls 72-10 record season.

Who are those Splash Brothers, I’ve been hearing about?  Reigning MVP Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are the two best 3-pt shooters in the league, and they happen to play for the same team.  And they’re getting better…  Last year we already thought Steph Curry was the bee’s knees, but this year he’s somehow in the running for another MVP trophy and most improved player.  He’s improved on last year’s stellar performance by upping his accuracy, shooting 45.3% from 3-pt range and averaging 30 pts per game.

Don’t forget their powerful power forward. Draymond Green is one of the most versatile players on the team.  At 6’7” he’s one of the biggest players in the Warriors’ itty-bitty lineup, but he’s still agile and great on defense—not to mention a topnotch trash talker.

A deep bench.  Those stars have a fantastic support crew of bench players.  Last year, it was estimated that if the bench were to form their own team, they would beat half of the teams in the Eastern conference.

Get those balls moving.  The Warriors boast the best ball movement in the game, leading the league in assists and secondary assists (the pass before the assist) for the past 3 seasons.  With all that ball movement, they easily spread the floor and get their star players open.

Get it?  Got it?  Good!  Now you’re all caught up!

Seen and Heard

Snapchat snafu.  Yesterday, we filled you in on the high school drama unfolding on the L.A. Lakers.  Now we have a few more details.  Rookie and rising star D’Angelo Russell was trying to prank teammate Nick Young by videotaping him talking about cheating on his fiancé, rapper Iggy Izalea.  The video leaked because Russell thought he could post the video privately on Snapchat and then take it down without anyone noticing.  Guess what?  People noticed, including Iggy.  Despite a profuse apology, Russell’s teammates are shunning him and Lakers fans are booing himOne question… is anyone mad at Nick Young?