The One With A Big Surprise Ending

Fun Fact of the DayOnly 0.009% of brackets picked the correct Final FourI wonder who’s responsible for that… *ahem* Syracuse.

Today's Rundown

Welcome back Goalposters!  Are you coming down from your Peeps-induced sugar-high?  Here’s what you missed this weekend from the world of sports.


And then there were four… This past weekend the Elite Eight took to the court and battled it out for coveted spots in the Final Four!  Now we get to see the 4 victors duke it out this Saturday for a shot at the championship game: #2 Villanova v. #2 Oklahoma and #10 Syracuse v. #1 UNC.

Here is your cheat sheet on how these teams made it to the Final Four:

  • Last night, underdog #10 Syracuse shocked everyone by storming back from a 16-point deficit to defeat #1 Virginia (68-62).  They are the first #10-seed to make it to the Final Four!  Their big win silenced critics, who thought Syracuse shouldn’t have been selected for the tournament because of their mediocre 19-13 regular season record.  For more on the Orange, check out our team Spotlight from last week.
  • #2 Villanova defeated tournament-favorite #1 Kansas (64-59) on Saturday, by playing fierce defense and getting points from all its players.  They led through much of the close game, but sealed the deal in the final minute with 2 key steals and 4 free throws. Happy birthday to you!  The game marked a very happy 22nd birthday for senior guard Ryan Archidiacano, who can remember playing in 3 of Nova’s disappointing early-tournament-exits.  Now Nova is proving all the doubters wrong by advancing to the team’s 5th Final Four!
  • Buddy Hield—I mean—#2 Oklahoma beat #1 Oregon (80-68) on Saturday.  It might as well have been called ‘The Buddy Hield Show’ because he lit up the court with 37 points.  He made 8 out of 13 from 3-point range, showing why he’s the favorite for national college player of the year.  Everyone in the stands was impressed, including fans Kobe Bryant and Toby Keith.
  • The last #1-seed standing UNC took care of business by beating #6 Notre Dame (88-74) to make it to their 19th Final Four.


And in the women’s tournament… The ladies also started playing their Elite Eight games this past weekend.  It was a really big day for the Orange.  So far #4 Syracuse and #7 Washington have made it to the Final Four!  Two more games will be played tonight to complete the field, so stay tuned.

Spotlight on that time Coach Krzyzeski was caught in a lie

Duke’s celebrated and longtime Coach K was caught in a really bizarre and awkward lie this weekend.

What was it about?  Coach K scolded an Oregon basketball player in the handshake line after Duke’s Sweet 16 defeat last Thursday.  What did he have to complain about?  Oregon star Dillon Brooks took a 3-point shot in the final moments of the game, despite the fact that Oregon was already guaranteed a victory (82-68).

What’s the big deal?  There’s this unwritten ‘gentlemen’s code’ in basketball that the winning team in a blowout is supposed to hold onto the ball and let the shot clock run down, rather than show-off or make the victory more embarrassing for the losing team.  Needless to say, Brooks’s end of game 3-pointer violated the bro-code.

So what did Coach K do?  After the game, Coach K vehemently denied that he scolded Brooks.  Instead, he said that he just complimented Brooks as being a great player.  What’s a euphemism for “lying”?  When CBS proved Coach K wrong—because, videotape exists for these things… he apologized and said that he “reacted incorrectly.” Mmmhmmm