The One With Too Much Madness

Fun Fact of the Day:  This past Friday was the first time in NCAA tournament history that a 13, 14, and 15 seed won in the same day.

Today's Rundown

COLLEGE BASKETBALL:  March Madness Edition

How many of you have felt personally victimized by March Madness?  The First Round of this tournament tied the most upsets in March Madness history, so if your bracket is soaked with tears and angry scribbles you aren’t alone.  Here are your cliff notes on the big bracket busters from this weekend:

  • #2 Michigan State was upset by #15 Middle Tennessee in the first round (90-81), making it one of the worst upsets in tournament history.  Bracket Busted.  If you had MSU winning it all, you weren’t alone.  MSU was the predicted winner of 25% of the brackets on ESPN and Yahoo, because they had experienced coach Tom Izzo and one of the best college b-ball players of the year Denzel Valentine.  The house always wins.  While it was a terrible day for your bracket, it was a great day for bookies in Las Vegas, because more money was bet on Michigan State than any other team in the tournament.  
  • #11 Gonzaga is going to the Sweet 16 after handily beating #3 Utah (82-59). Next up Gonzaga faces #10 Syracuse, who took out Middle Tennessee in the second round of the tournament (psst—look up!  Middle Tennessee was the team that screwed up everyone’s brackets by beating MSU).
  • #7 Wisconsin upset #2 Xavier (66-63) by making two 3-point shots within the final 11 seconds of the game.  Wisconsin’s sharpshooter Bronson Koenig said he channeled his inner-Steph Curry to hit the game-winning buzzer-beater.  Next up Wisconsin faces #6 Notre Dame!
  • #5 Indiana topped #4 Kentucky (73-67) in a close matchup.  After a tough battle, Indiana took control at the end of the second half to take home this victory.  Next up Indiana will face #1 UNC!

Have you been glued to your TV for the past 5 days?  Get some fresh air!  You get a reprieve from college basketball until the Sweet 16 starts back up again on Thursday!



Not in my house.  On Saturday, the San Antonio Spurs beat the Golden State Warriors (87-79) at home, handing the Warriors their 7th loss of the season.  How’d they do it?  The Spurs are still tweaking the formula, but it all starts with great defense.  Go team, go!  The Spurs are known for their unselfish players, especially aging superstar Tim Duncan, who came off the bench to play only 8 minutes of the game.  At 39 years old, this was the 3rd game in Duncan’s 19-year career that he wasn’t a starter.  Another win.  This Spurs victory marked their 44th straight home game win, which is the second most in NBA history. Guess who has #1?  The Warriors, obvi.  They have won 50 straight home games. The Spurs will have their chance to break the Warriors’ streak, when they meet again on April 7th—this time in Cali.

Seen and Heard


Caught red-handed.  This weekend Houston Rockets star Dwight Howard was seen on the sidelines using a can of Stickum spray on his hands during a game against the Atlanta Hawks.  The refs immediately yelled that it was illegal and changed out the sticky game basketball.  Hmmm… and Stickum spray is….? Apparently, it is an adhesive usually used by weight lifters and gymnasts.  It may sound familiar because the NFL banned it way back in 1981 when receivers were using it to help catch footballs.  Now, the NBA is reviewing the incident.  Somebody’s getting in trouble…  Howard’s not worried.  He said that he “ain’t tripping” and that he uses it before every game.  Now might be a good time to stop.