The One Where We Major in Bracketology

Fun Fact of the Day:  #11 seeds have won 35% of meetings with #6 seeds.  Hello Bracketbuster.

Today's Rundown


Four for Four.  Yesterday were the last 2 games of the First Four.  The winners are going to the “First Round” or the round of 64 that begins today!  Here are your highlights:

  • Holy Cross beat Southern University (59-55) last night for their first win in the tournament since 1953!  They were a long shot to begin with because they had a 15-19 losing record for the regular season.  But it’s a real uphill battle for them as next they’ll face off against #1 seed Oregon.
  • Michigan rallied to beat Tulsa (67-62) despite being ice cold from 3-pt range, which is usually a huge part of their offense.  Tulsa was probably just happy to be there, because no one expected them to be selected in the first place. Next up Michigan will face #6 seed Notre Dame.



Bring your son to work (every) day.  Chicago White Sox Infielder Adam LaRoche said he was retiring early and turning away the last $13M of his contract, because he was told to limit the time his son could come to the clubhouse.  LaRoche’s 14-year-old son Drake was coming to the clubhouse every day and management was not too pleased with the arrangement. Is that the full story?  LaRoche also had the worst season of his career last year and suffered from back spasms.  He still has a couple days to mull over his decision, but he’s getting a lot of support for his family first stance.



Let’s take a journey abroad.  The Europeans are deep in the midst of the UEFA Champions League—psst, it’s one of the most prestigious soccer tournaments in the world and it is played annually between 32 qualifying teams.  Yesterday marked the end of the Round of 16, and powerhouses Barcelona and Bayern Munich won their matches.  They will join Manchester City, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid, Benfica, and Wolfsburg in the quarterfinals next month.  What else should I know about this thing?  Real Madrid is the winningest team in Champions League history, winning the tournament 10 times.

Seen and Heard


Hockey Football.  Just days after the NFL admitted that there is a connection between CTE and football, NHL Commissioner Bettman is avoiding eye-contact and whistling in the corner.  Yesterday, he said that they won’t comment on the NFL’s position and—in case you hadn’t noticed—football and hockey are different sportsMeanwhile in the courtroom… the NHL is facing an ongoing lawsuit against 100+ former players who claim the NHL didn’t educate them or protect them from the long-term effects of concussions.  To be continued…



The next great sports biopic.  Sports Illustrated published a feature about San Antonio Spurs star Kawhi Leonard.  It describes all the hard work he put in to become one of the best two-way players on the court today.  Cue the Rocky music.  The other moral of the story was that he’s extremely understated and down to earth despite his big time $94M contract, including driving a 97’ Chevy Tahoe that he calls the Gas Guzzler and freaking out when he lost his coupons to Wingstop.  Don’t worry they gave him a new supply.

Hot Read

The Round of 64 starts today, so be prepared to watch basketball all day long!  That also means you have until the games start at noon to lock in your bracket.

Still finishing up your bracket?  You could just go with President Obama’s picks (psst—he’s got Kansas winning it all for the men and UConn for the women), but you might get taunted by this 11-year-old girl.  

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