The One Where We Tell the Truth

Fun Fact of the Day: 9 straight defending NCAA Champions have not made it past the Sweet 16 in the following year—so Duke better watch out!

Today's Rundown


The ladies go dancing.  Yesterday, the women’s NCAA tournament bracket was announced. Who was on top?  UConn… again.  They went undefeated this season (32-0) and are on a 69 game winning streak.  Yawn!  They’re used to being on top.  They’ve won the national championship for the past 3 years!  Who else should I know about?  The other #1 seeds are South Carolina, Notre Dame, and Baylor. 

Better luck next time. After LSU's men's team didn’t make it into the tournament, they decided to take a hard pass on the NIT (National Invitation Tournament—it’s like the March Madness consolation prize tournament).  Why the change of heart?  Over the weekend, they got completely annihilated by Texas A&M in the SEC tournament (71-38) and now a couple of their players are injured/sick, so they would rather rest up for next year.  What’s next?  Freshman basketball-phenom Ben Simmons has decided books are for nerds.  He’s expected to head to the NBA draft, where he’s likely to be the #1 pick!

Seen and Heard


I know that was hard for you.  Yesterday, the NFL’s SVP for health and safety finally admitted that there is a link between playing football and CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy).  What is that again?  CTE is a degenerative brain disease that can cause memory loss, erratic behavior, and dementia.  It happens because of repeated blows to the head and has been diagnosed in 90 out of 94 examined NFL players. The NFL’s been playing coy about the connection for years (see the plot of the Concussion movie), but yesterday they finally admitted that the two are connected.  Will Smith thanks you for finally telling the truth.

And the final rose goes to…  Yesterday, in his first press conference with the Denver Broncos, QB Mark Sanchez listed the fact that he’s single as a big check in the pro column for his football playing abilities.  He was trying to say that he’s got a single-minded focus on football… or was he vying for a spot on the Bachelorette with Aaron Rodger’s brother Jordan?

Hot Read

The first 2 games of the First Four are tonight!  (Yes, that sentence was confusing… the First Four are games played for the last 4 slots in the Big Dance between the 8 teams with the worst records that were selected at-large or won their conference championships.)

  • Florida Gulf Coast v. Fairleigh Dickinson – truTV, 6:30pm
  • Vanderbilt v. Wichita State – truTV, 9pm


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