The One Where We Break-Up

Fun Fact of the Day:  This season, Golden State Warriors Steph Curry is #1 in the league for points per game (29.8) and #34 for minutes per game (33.8).  How does he do it?  It all comes from his efficient 3-point shooting.  He has shoots 45% from behind the arc.

Today's Rundown


That was a close one.  Last night #18 Purdue beat #8 Michigan State by 1 free throw in the final seconds of overtime (82-81), ending the Spartans’ 4-game winning streak.  Purdue went into the 2nd half with an 18-point lead, but the Spartans were almost able to battle their way back to victory.  What happened to Michigan State?  They started this season off undefeated behind star senior Denzel Valentine.  When Valentine went out for a couple weeks in January with a knee injury things started to unravel.  They recently got their groove back with Valentine’s return, but this loss definitely hurts.

A fright on the sideline.  #9 UNC Tar Heels head coach Roy Williams collapsed during their game last night against Boston College.  He was assisted to the locker room where he was treated for vertigo.  In his absence, assistant coach Steve Robinson was able to guide the Tar Heels to victory (68-65).



Let’s make a deal.  Yesterday, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators made a huge 9 player + 2nd round draft pick trade.  These two teams have a deep divisional rivalry, so this deal came to a big surprise to many fans.  Why’d they do it?  It was win-win.  Toronto got some new talent and dumped an expensive contract, so they can save their pennies for a big star (like Tampa Bay Lightening soon-to-be free-agent Steven Stamkos).  Meanwhile Ottawa’s trying to make a run for the playoffs so they’re excited to get former-Toronto captain Dion Phaneuf for his leadership and defensive abilities.  What else should I know about Phaneuf?  This Canadian is a 3-time NHL All-Star and is married to everyone’s favorite girl next door, Elisha Cuthbert.

Spotlight on the Kings keeping George Karl

Earlier this week the rumor mill was a-churning that the Sacramento Kings head coach George Karl would be fired any day now.  Yesterday, the Kings said “nevermind” and decided to hang on to Karl.

Why did they want to dump him to begin with? The Kings have lost 8 of their last 9 games.  They have struggled with their defense and folks reported generally low morale and poor leadership.  The Kings are currently ranked #10 in the Western Conference, which means they’d really have to pick it up to make the playoffs (psst—the top 8 teams in each conference make the playoffs).  Oh, and they haven’t made the playoffs in 9 seasons.

Why did they end up keeping him?  Kings General Manager Vlade Divac met with Karl yesterday and afterwards announced that they will “collectively work[] through their issues.” Maybe they realized that Karl has only been around for 1 year so they should give him a fair shot, especially since the Kings have had 8 different coaches since 2006. 

Seen and Heard

Sitting out a bit longer.  The Los Angeles Clippers announced that they are suspending their star power forward Blake Griffin for 4 gamesWhat for?  Oh just an argument between friends.  Last month, Griffin broke his hand punching his diminutive friend and team equipment manager, Matias Testi in the face.  He’ll have to sit out a bit longer after nursing his hand injury, which is expected to recover in 4-6 weeks.  This just means more R&R for Griffin, who hasn’t played since suffering a quad injury around Christmas. Do the Clippers miss him?  Errr… not really, their record is 18-4 since Griffin’s first injury.


Another single-ish Kardashian.  Yesterday, reality-TV show extraordinaire Khloe Kardashian and Houston Rockets superstar James Harden called it quits.  Many in Houston are celebrating!  Why?  Harden had one of his best seasons last year and has looked pretty meh this year, which led many to speculate that Khloe was to blame.  You know what they say James, looking good [on the court] is the best revenge!