The One Where We Hang Up Our Cleats

Fun Fact of the Day:  The Carolina Panthers lost the big game yesterday, but they didn’t completely lose out.  Super Bowl Players on the winning team receive a $97,000 bonus, while the players on the losing team receive a $49,000 bonus.

Today's Rundown


We’ll be leaving now… Friday, the Louisville Cardinals announced that they will take themselves out of this year’s NCAA Tournament. This is big news because they are ranked #19 in the country and were likely to get a high seed in March Madness. Wait, why?  Last year, a former-stripper wrote a book that alleged a former Louisville staffer paid 2 dozen strippers to strip for and sleep with college recruits from 2010-2014. Now Louisville is hoping the NCAA will give them a lighter punishment by taking itself out of the tournament.  Who should you feel really bad for?  Louisville’s two leading scorers who are seniors that transferred to Louisville this year to play in the tournament for the first time.  Now, they’ll never get their shot.

And they all fall down! This weekend both #1 Oklahoma and #2 UNC were upset by unranked teams.  This leaves a big hole at the top at the college basketball rankings. Today new rankings will come out and many expect either #3 Villanova or #4 Maryland to take over the top spot, because both pulled out big wins this weekend, Villanova over #11 Providence and Maryland over #18 Purdue. Do I have déjà vu?  You’ve heard this story before.  No team has been able to hold onto the #1 spot in the AP rankings for more than 4 weeks this yearWhat does that mean?   All the teams at the top are really evenly matched with no really dominant teams.  Get ready to close your eyes and guess when you fill out your March Madness bracket…



Wake me up when the Warriors lose… Everyone was psyched to see the Golden State Warriors take on the Oklahoma City Thunder, another top team in the West.  But surprise surprise the Warriors won.  Again.  The Thunder did give the Warriors a run for their money by coming back in the 4th quarter to make it a close game (116-108).  Can anyone beat the Warriors?  Thunder star Russell Westbrook thinks so.  After the game, he said the Warriors are a “pretty good team” (um… understatement alert!), but the Thunder will be ready next time.  Let’s hope so.  In the meantime, the Warriors “Splash Brothers” Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are going to have a rematch in this weekend’s All-Star 3-point contest.  Happy early Valentine’s Day to us all!

Spotlight on Super Bowl 50

Beyonce and Bruno Mars weren’t the only one’s battling it out yesterday.  The Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers in a knock-down drag-out fight (24-10).

How did they win?  The Broncos #1-ranked defense did not disappoint.  They managed to shut down the Panther’s #1-highest scoring offense and sack league MVP Cam Newton 7 times, while scoring a touchdown in the process.  It was a low scoring game that relied on a lot of field goals, so the Panthers were never more than a touchdown away, until the last 3 minutes of the game when the Broncos scored their first offensive touchdown bringing them 14-points out of the Panthers reach.

Who was the MVP?  All of Denver’s defense was incredible, but linebacker Von Miller really stood out.  He accounted for 2.5 of Cam Newton’s sacks and has been dominating offenses all season long.  He’s only the 10th defensive player to win the Super Bowl MVP.

A fairytale ending?  Now that Broncos QB Peyton Manning has his second Super Bowl ring everyone wants to know if this was his last game.  His mom hopes it was, but Peyton’s going to take some time to reflect over some Budweisers.

Seen and Heard


A little visit from some muscle.  While last night might have been Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning’s last game, it won’t be the last we hear from him this year.  The NFL continues to conduct its investigation into HGH allegations against Manning that were raised by an Al Jazeera documentary.  This past week details came out that Manning had his own private investigators look into the allegations… right around the time Al Jazeera’s lead source recanted?  Coinky-dink?  Or something more fishy?

Peaced-mode.  Last night during the Super Bowl, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn “Beastmode” Lynch tweeted out that he’s hanging up his cleats. We wish him a lovely relaxed retirement filled with video games, Skittles, and most importantly no media interviews.