The One Where Snoop is a Hard-Hitting Journalist

Super Bowl Countdown: T-2 days 

Fun Fact of the Day: We all know that Panthers QB Cam Newton is crazy athletic, but did you know that he has 32 games with both passing and rushing touchdowns?  That’s the most in NFL history and he’s just 26 years old…

Today's Rundown


Vandy’s feeling just dandy.  #8 Texas A&M lost to the unranked Vanderbilt Commodores (77-60).  This was a huge win for Vanderbilt after they had a disappointing beginning of the season. Texas A&M’s top-ranked defense was expected to shut Vandy down, but Jeff Roberson helped bring home the victory with a career-high 20 points.  What is this funny new feeling?  It’s called winning.  This marks Vandy’s first win against a ranked team since 2012.



Quack Quack Quack.  Last night the Anaheim Ducks defeated divisional rival the Los Angeles Kings.  The big story of the game was that Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf had his first even-strength goal since April of last year.  Tell me more about this Getzlaf?  This Canadian hockey player (shocker I know) won two Olympic gold medals with the Canadian hockey team in 2010 and 2014.  He is known for being a playmaker and passed his 500th assist this past game.  This is good news for the Ducks who are heating up at the right time as they try and make the playoffs. Hey you… don’t know what even-strength means?  Even-strength means that each team has an equal number of players on the ice.  Why would players be off the ice?  Teams are short-handed when players come off the ice for penalties.

Spotlight on the Rooney Rule

Yesterday, the NFL held its 1st Women’s Summit and Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that they are going to start a Rooney Rule for women!

Cool!… What’s the Rooney Rule, again?  The Rooney Rule requires each team to interview one minority candidate every time there is a head coaching or senior operations position open.  It was started in 2003 and named after Dan Rooney the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, who was a big supporter of diversity within the NFL.

Why did they start it?  There were a couple of high profile firings of black head coaches in 2002 and a pretty incriminating study that showed that black coaches were more likely to be fired and less likely to be hired even with higher winning percentages.  Not good.  Since the rule has been instituted, the number of black coaches has increased and companies like Pinterest and Facebook have started similar policies.

Now women!  Finally…  This year the NFL hired its first female referee and first full time female assistant coach.  Baby steps…  Hopefully, we’ll see some bigger representation by women soon.  Maybe Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will get her dream job of serving as NFL Commissioner?  

Seen and Heard


Snoop + Media Pass = Pure Gold.  Yesterday was the last day before the Super Bowl that the media could interview the players and you could tell that they were super booored.  They were probably getting sick of answering the same questions over and over again. That is until Snoop Dogg (Lion?) showed up with a media pass and started asking the questions we all want answers to, like can we get hooked up with that Papa John’s pizza discount, Peyton?

Hot Read

NFL:  Super Bowl 50

Not sure if you heard, but there’s a little thing called the Super Bowl happening this Sunday.  Tune in to see the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers duke it out.  Planning to zone out except for Lady Gaga and Beyonce?  Read this primer for a few tips for watching the game too!  Sunday, 6:30pm ET


Football not your thing?  You have plenty of other options this weekend!


Oklahoma City Thunder @ Golden State Warriors—Tune in to see the record-setting Warriors take on the Thunder, another one of the top teams in the West. While reigning MVP Steph Curry is… Steph Curry, the Thunder’s Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have been quietly killing it.  Durant is on a hot streak of 36 games with 20 or more points and Westbrook is on his 3rd straight game with a triple-double (psst—that means getting double digit numbers in 3 out of the 5 key basketball stats, for example the other night he had 24 points, 19 rebounds, and 14 assists—yes, it’s as hard to do as it sounds). This should make for an exciting matchup.  Saturday, 9pm ET



We’re getting into the thick of college basketball season, so there are games on games on games this weekend.  Don’t have time for all that?  These are the ones you should tune into:

  • #3 Villanova @ #11 ProvidenceSaturday, 2:30pm ET
  • #25 South Carolina @ #8 Texas A&MSaturday, 4pm ET
  • #18 Purdue @ #4 Maryland—Saturday, 4pm ET
  • #15 Baylor @ #14 West Virginia—Saturday, 8pm ET


We’ll see you bright and early on Monday morning with the rundown on the weekend’s big games!