The One Where We Throw A Big Fancy Party

Super Bowl Countdown: T-3 days 

Fun Fact of the Day: The Denver Broncos have lost the Super Bowl a record 5 times by an average of nearly 30 points per game.  Be on alert that this game could be a blowout!

Today's Rundown


The one where everybody is heating up.  Last night, Golden State Warriors defeated the Washington Wizards 134-121.  This was a crazy high-scoring game because Wizards star John Wall was in the zone scoring 41 points.  Unfortunately for Wall, reigning MVP Warriors Steph Curry was also in the zone, and Curry’s zone is just way more intense.   Curry ended up scoring 51 points, with 36 alone in the first half.  The Warriors record is now 45-4, and they are still on track to beat the Chicago Bulls 1995-96 record season of 72-10.



It wasn’t me, it was the head trauma.  Yesterday, Calgary Flames defenseman Dennis Wideman was suspended for 20 games after knocking over a referee during a game against the Nashville Predators last week.  He is appealing the decision. What’s his side of the story?  Wideman reported feeling “woozy” after getting knocked into the boards during the game and says he ran into the referee by accident.  He has some folks on his side, who say that this is not in line with Wideman’s 10+ year history with the league.  Regardless of whether or not he wins the appeal, the Flames are not really in playoff contention this season because their defense has been virtually nonexistent.

Spotlight on Signing Day

Yesterday, was National Signing Day!  That’s the day when the top high school football players declare where they will attend college next season.

Who came out on top?  Michigan landed the #1 recruit in the country, defensive tackle Rashan Gary.  What makes him so special?  He’s 6’4” and 300 lbs but is super agile for his size.  It is a big deal that he chose Michigan, because most #1 recruits pick a school in the SEC, which is known as the best college football conference.  Why’d he pick Michigan over all the other schools?  He said that Michigan was where he felt most comfortable and because the academic “degree holds a lot of weight.”  Who wants to bet Momma Gary had something to do with that decision?  Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh’s semi-sweet, semi-creepy recruiting antics probably didn’t hurt either. Thanks to all Harbaugh’s hard work, Michigan rose from the 40th best recruiting class last year to 6th best this year!

It’s time to celebrate!  And Michigan celebrated hard.  Harbaugh decided he wanted to “do something awesome” and hold a signing day celebration in front of over 3,000 Michigan fans.  The event featured appearances from stars like former Michigan QB Tom Brady, Michigan native Derek Jeter, and hip hop group Migos just for funsies.  It was such a good party, 79-year-old ESPN analyst and former college head coach Lou Holtz couldn’t help but dab.

Who else came out on top?  Renowned football programs Florida State, Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, and Ohio State rounded out the top 5 recruiting classes.  Congrats to all the new recruits!

Seen and Heard


I like you, do you like me back? Circle Y/N.  Rumor has it that San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick is interested in jumping ship to join the NY Jets.  This is a surprise because the 49ers have new head coach Chip Kelly who is known for running a very up-tempo and creative offense that could match up well with an athletic QB like Kaepernick.  Can you tell me more about Kaepernick? He began his career with high expectations, because of his athletic build and versatility.  The past couple of seasons things started to fall apart.  He had to sit out for much of this season with shoulder, thumb, and knee injuries. Do the Jets like Colin back?  The Jets are reportedly intrigued by the idea but they have also said that they would be interested in re-signing their current QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, so stay tuned to see what happens next.


A new full time gig?  Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is opening up his first brick-and-mortar clothing store for his “Beast Mode” clothing line.  Feeling left out, ladies?  Don’t.  There’s a line for the “Lady Beast” as well.  Could this be the beginning of a new career for Marshawn?  There have been plenty of rumors he might retire at the end of this season.  Even though he is just 30, Marshawn suffered a sports hernia this year and didn’t come back to the field looking like his old “beastly” self.

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