The One Where We'll Play Until We’re Old and Gray

Fun Fact of the Day:  Steph Curry made more 3-pointers last week (33) than Michael Jordan did in 11 full seasons of his 15 year career.

Today's Rundown


If it ain’t broke… Yesterday, QB Tom Brady signed a 2-year contract extension with the New England Patriots.  If you’re keeping track, that would make him 42 years old when it expires in 2019.  Silver fox.  Sure, 42 sounds straight-up geriatric in football years but Brady hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down.  He hasn’t even missed a regular season game in 7 years.



Humble pieYesterday the Texas Rangers signed Ian Desmond for an $8M 1-year contract and are moving him from shortstop to left field.  Go big or go to Texas…  2 years ago Desmond was offered a $107M 7-year contract extension with the Washington Nationals, which he declined to “bet on himself,” i.e. he thought he was worth more $$$.  Unfortunately, he’s gotten worse over the past couple of seasons and now after months of free agency, he had to settle for this small deal for a position he doesn’t usually play.



Hello, is anyone out there?  Yesterday the NHL trade deadline came and went and no one batted an eyelash. The biggest moves actually happened over the weekend, but here’s your cheat sheet on yesterday's deals:

Spotlight on Indiana

This past weekend Indiana clinched a share of the Big 10 conference title!  Here’s our spotlight, so you know what to watch for in their game against Iowa tonight and as you fill out your bracket next week!

What are their strengths?  The Hoosiers are hitting their stride in time for March Madness.  The Hoosiers have one of the top 10 offenses in the country, scoring nearly 83 points per game.  That’s thanks to their hyper accuracy; they shoot 50% on field goals (3rd highest in the country) and nearly 42% from 3-point range (5th highest). 

What are their weaknesses?  They had a rough start to the season, including a 20-point loss to Duke in December and losing one of their top scorers (James Blackmon Jr.) to a season-ending knee injury.  Recently they’ve turned things around by getting additional role players into the game and stepping up their defense.  

Who should I watch out for?  The team’s leading scorer is senior Yogi Ferrell, who recently won Big 10 player of the week. Teammates Troy Williams and Thomas Bryant also help scoring and rebounding.

Seen and Heard

You guys want some cookies?  If you watched the Oscars, you probably saw host Chris Rock send his daughter’s Girl Scout troop into the audience to sell cookies.  Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and girlfriend Olivia Munn helped the cause but all anyone noticed was Rodger’s terrible choice of flavor, getting the Savannah Smiles.  Yesterday, Rodgers took to Twitter to defend himself, saying that the box was given to him and that he likes the “red” flavor bestStill the wrong choice if you ask us… #Samoasallday

Hot Read


Today is the NFL franchise tag deadline! Psst—the franchise tag is when a team chooses to sign a player for an additional year but must pay him certain amount of $$$ based on position.  Players don't love being tagged because they want a long-term commitment on the field, not just a fling.  So far The Chicago Bears have tagged their top wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey and there are rumors that NY Jets are planning to tag defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson.  Tune in tomorrow to find out if there are more big moves!