The One Where We Try to Be Hip

Fun Fact of the Day:   Last night Golden State Warriors Steph Curry made history by hitting a 3-pointer in a record 128 consecutive games!  Way to go Steph!

Today's Rundown


Fake out.  Free-agent outfielder Dexter Fowler surprised everyone by staying with the Chicago Cubs for a 1-yr $13M deal.  Why the big surprise?  There were a bunch of reports circulating that he was going to sign with the Baltimore Orioles for a big 3-year deal.  What happened?  Rumor has it that things fell apart when Fowler insisted on an opt-out clause after year 1 of the contract.  Or it could be because he said Chicago is where his heart is.  Aww.  Fowler sticking around Chi-town for the next season helps an already stacked Cubs team that is favored to win the World Series this year!

Changing the rules of the game.  Yesterday, MLB changed a rule to make the game safer.  Now baserunners can’t slide all willy-nilly to break up potential double-plays (psst—that’s when you get two players out in the same play). Why’d they make the change?  LA Dodgers Chase Utley slid into and broke NY Mets Ruben Tejada’s leg in last year’s playoffs. The other big change?  MLB is reducing time between innings and during mound visits. Why?  People are starting to think that baseball is a snoozefest and they are trying to liven things up a bit with less downtime.  The median baseball fan’s age is 56 and getting older every day, so MLB is also trying to create new fans by getting kids into the game with updated youth baseball rulesCan I just play Wii baseball instead?

Spotlight on Virginia

The UVA Cavaliers have a big game this Saturday against UNC!  Here is our cheatsheet so you know what to watch out for this weekend and during March Madness.

What are their strengths?  UVA is known for having one of the best defenses in the country year after year.  At the beginning of this season, fans were a little worried because the team wasn’t quite living up to the hype.  But now it looks like they’ve righted the ship because the defense is back up to #9 in the country.

What are their weaknesses?  UVA truly believes that there is no place like home.  So far they have won 100% of their home games, but only 40% on the road.  That does not bode well for March Madness.  More bad news.  UVA has the hardest remaining schedule of any team in the country. 

Who should I watch out for?  The team’s leading scorer and best defensive rebounder is Malcolm Brogdon. He gets backup from London Perrantes, who has been hitting 52.5% from 3-pt range.  Also watch out for their fearless leader coach Tony Bennett (yep that’s his real name), who comes from a successful coaching family.

Hot Read

Don’t have a cute new puppy to play with this weekend like Tom Brady?  Here’s your guide of what to watch:


  • #7 UNC @ #3 Virginia—Saturday, 6:30pm ET
  • #11 Louisville @ #12 Miami (FL)Saturday, 2pm ET
  • #3 Oklahoma @ #25 Texas—Saturday, 2pm ET
  • #10 Maryland @ #20 Purdue—Saturday, 4pm ET


  • Golden State Warriors @ Oklahoma State Thunder—Friday, 8:30pm ET


  • Detroit Red Wings @ Colorado Avalanche—the last outdoor game of the season, Saturday 8pm
  • Washington Capitals @ Chicago Blackhawks—Sunday 12:30pm


Have a great weekend Goalposters!  See you Monday!